Privacy policy

      Please read carefully the following statement before filling in your personal details on our website. The act of filling in this form automatically permits us to use your personal details, in order to request the availability of a property.
      1.  All personal details given to SalentoDolceVita remain confidential as required by law n. 196/2003 and such information will be used for the required availability and booking of properties. Personal information will not be given to a third party and the client will be able to withdraw any personal information in case of cancellation.
      2.  Personal details remain property of the underwritten OLTREMARE CASA srl, with headquarters in Lecce, Via Salvatore Trinchese 106, in  the person known as the legal representative dott. Stefano Fusaro.
      OLTREMARE CASA srl. Dott. Stefano Fusaro
Conditions of service
      SALENTODOLCEVITA.COM is a service provided by and marketed by OLTREMARE CASA srl, 73100 Lecce.
The service available on our site shows the current availability of properties, and remains so, unless changed, and/or updated by the site manager.
The system provides an up to date property list and their availability and therefore should not be seen as a binding agreement but only as a means of asking for information, prices and contractual conditions. The site provides descriptions of property which should be seen as accurate, with each property identifiable by a reference number and photographs.
Once a request has been made online it is up to the site manager to verify the information found in the request to be true and exact, that the correct rates are applied and that they include any taxes, and in addition to this that the request also contains all names and addresses including that of the applicant, estate agent and the property’s owner, and in conclusion a contract proposal should be sent via email.
A contract proposal is available on the website by using the property’s reference number, where a description, availability, rates and methods of payment can also be found. The interested party should complete the contract, pay the requested deposit and along with a proof of payment fax them to the estate agent, who will then contact the owner in order to sign their contract. It is only at this point that both parties have entered into a binding agreement.
If for any reason this process cannot be completed the deposit in full will be returned to the interested party.
However, should completion be finalised the interested party will receive confirmation via email.
Terms and Conditions for House Rental
1) Once the rental reservation has been confirmed by Oltremare Casa srl, (Partita IVA 03849090752, registered office in Lecce, situated in Via Salvatore Trinchese 106, Tel.: +39-0832-345354), in person of its administrator Mr. Stefano Fusaro, professional real estate broker registered with n. 620 at C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Commerce) of Lecce (public-liability insurance Allianz S.p.A. n. 720475932 ), the contract is between the Client and the Owner of the holiday property.
2) The Client excludes any other type of occupancy other than one of transitory/tourism nature and for this reasons the undersigned declare to have a permanent address as indicated in section ‘Client’s Identity Data’.
3) Taking into consideration the nature of this rental, on the date of expiry of this rental agreement, the Client cease to have any rights regarding this property.
4) The rental settlement must be equal to Euro ____________ , _____ which corresponds to:a) Euro  ____________ , _____  to be paid on the forwarding of this proposal. Amounts should be paid by standing order to: Oltremare Casa S.r.l.- Via Salvatore Trinchese 106 - 73100 Lecce. Unicredit Banca , Filiale di Lecce n. 03719,  Piazzetta G. Riccardi, 9, 73100 Lecce,Cin: Y, ABI: 02008, CAB: 16010, CCB num. 000010409397.The INTERNATIONAL BANKING CODE TRANFER IS: IBAN: IT95Y0200816010000010409397; BIC: UNCRITB1TN9. By Credit Card through the payment procedure on line. b) Euro  ____________ , _____  (remaining amount due), to be paid on 45 days prior the start of the letting period or, if that date is already expired, by 24 hours after rental reservation has been confirmed. Amounts should be paid by standing order to: Oltremare Casa S.r.l.-Via Salvatore Trinchese 106 - 73100 Lecce.Unicredit Banca , Filiale di Lecce n. 03719,  Piazzetta G. Riccardi, 9, 73100 Lecce,Cin: Y, ABI: 02008, CAB: 16010, CCB num. 000010409397. The INTERNATIONAL BANKING CODE TRANFER IS: IBAN: IT95Y0200816010000010409397; BIC: UNCRITB1TN9. By Credit Card through the payment procedure on line.
5) Confirmation of rental reservation will be communicated via E-mail o telefax as indicated in section ‘Client’s Identity Data’, on the acceptance of the present proposal from the Owner by Oltremare Casa srl.
6) On arrival the Client must show the ‘Rental’s Coupon / Client’s Identity Data’ and Identity Document or Passport to the owner or his/her representative; this document are required for traveller registrations requested by Italian law.
7) On receipt of the keys of the property, which will be allocated in loco, the Client will take custody of and full responsibility for the property, its furnishings, and everything else included on the form to be signed by Client on arrival. The Client agrees to treat the property as if it was its own ensuring on the consignment of the keys that the property, furnishings and everything else included on the form is returned in the same conditions as he found them.
8) The security deposit (if applicable) must be paid directly in cash to the owner or his/her representative upon arrival at the property unless otherwise stated in the property description. THE OWNER OR HIS/HER REPRESENTATIVE MAY REFUSE ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY IF THE DEPOSIT IS NOT PAID. This cash deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental period, less any additional expenses (i.e. utilities and telephone, if applicable) and any damage the property may have incurred. If eventual damages exceed the amount of security deposit, the Client will pay the difference.
9) The final cleaning fee, if applicable, and as specified per property, will be subtracted from the security deposit. If there is no final cleaning fee, and the property is not left in the same general condition in which it was found, the property owner or property manager may withhold a minimum of  Euro 60,00 from the security deposit to cover the cost of the final cleaning.
10) The owner or his/her representative have, if necessary, free access to the property for essential maintenance purposes (garden, swimming pool, etc.).
11) In according to Italian law, the Client will provide to the owner or his/her representative a detailed list of the persons resident in the property with him / her. The number of persons present at the property at all times (adults and children) may not exceed the maximum number of sleeping places indicated in the property description.
12) If stated in property description and as specified per properties, the costs of cooking gas, electric energy, drinking water, heating etc. will be paid at the end of the rental period to the owner or his/her representative. Please note: In Italy, it is the law that heating may only be used from the November 1 to mid-April.
13) The Client will able to withdraw from this proposal under the following conditions: a) With refund of any fees paid as in clause 4) lett. a), if cancellation of a booking is given before rental reservation has been confirmed; b) With loss of the fees paid in clause 4) lett. a) if cancellation is made after rental reservation has been confirmed. c) With refund of 30% of any fees paid only in clause 4) lett. b) if the cancellation is made at least 20 days before the start of the letting period; d) With loss of 100% of the rental price if the cancellation is made between 19 and 1 day(s) before the start of the rental period.
14) The Owner may withdraw one week and not less than one week before the start of the letting period refunding the Client of all fees paid plus 40% and with the express exclusion of compensation of other possible or further damages.
15) In the event of controversy arising from the booking and property rental, only the Italian Courts of Lecce can deal with the matter. If any of the conditions of this contract have become invalid or were invalid or if in this contract there should be a gap, the other conditions cannot be contested.