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Bari Surroundings

For nature lovers, a visit to the caves of Castellana is indispensable. They are approximately 1,5 km from the centre of Castellana-Grotte. They are a unique karst phenomenon that fascinates and amazes with its incredible beauty. The longest course opened to the public is 3 kilometres long and reaches a maximum depth of 70 meters. One can visit Grave cave, the only one connected to the outside and the Grotte Bianca, which due to the richness and whiteness of its alabaster is considered  the brightest in the world.

Castel del Monte is most certainly a brilliant piece of architecture. It is inscribed on UNESCOS's World Heritage List. Commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia, it stands atop a hill overlooking the chain of Western Murgia, less than 20 km from the town of Andria. There is a strong symbolic use of the number 8, recurrent throughout the castle. Indeed, the structure shows geometric rigour where the octagonal shape rules. There are eight identical octagonal towers, eight rooms per floor, with exact same size and plan, overlooking an octagonal courtyard.