Events in Brindisi and Taranto and surroundings

Events in Brindisi and Taranto and surroundings

Important Events (dates are given for information and events are subject to change):

-          Christmas market, Ostuni:                                                                      December - January;

-          Feast of the patron saint San Cataldo, Taranto:                                         from 8th to 10th May;

-          Night of San Giovanni, Ostuni:                                                                 nights of 23rd and 24th June;

-          Fasano Jazz, Fasano:                                                                             June;

-          The Scamiciata, Fasano:                                                                         3rd Sunday in June;

-          Feast of San Giovanni Battista, Maruggio:                                                 July 13th and 14th;

-          Palio of Taranto, Taranto:                                                                        May and July;

-          Folklore Festival, Maruggio:                                                                     August 2nd;

-          Sagra del pesce e dell’anguria (Fish and watermelon Feast), Ginosa Marina:   early August;

-          Permanent exhibition of handicrafts, Ostuni:                                             August;

-          Sagra dei vecchi tempi (Old days Festival), Ostuni:                                     August 15th;

-          Cavalcata of Sant’Oronzo, Ostuni:                                                            August 26th;

-          Feast of Sts Teodoro Amasea and Lorenzo of Brindisi, Brindisi:                    1st week of September;

-          San Trifone Feast, Pulsano:                                                                     September 7th and 8th;

-          Stella Maris Feast, Taranto:                                                                     1st Sunday in September;

-          Sagra del Fico mandorlato (Figs with almonds Feast), San Michele Salentino: between August and September;

-          Sagra dell’uva (Grape Festival), Taranto:                                                   October;