Events in Gallipoli and Surroundings

Events in Gallipoli and Surroundings

Important Events (dates are given for information and events are subject to change):

-          Gallipoli Carnival, Gallipoli:                                                     Fat Tuesday;

-          Madonna del Miracolo feast, Taviano:                                      17th February;

-          San Sebastiano feast and festival, Racale:                              27th – 31st May;

-          Sagra te la Frisa (Frise festival (small dry bread)), Matino:         5th and 6th July;

-          Feast of the Madonna del Carmine, Gallipoli:                            between 15th and 17th July;

-          Sagra te la Patata (Potato festival), Parabita:                           16th and 17th July;

-          Sagra delle Stuzzicherie (Stuzzicherie festival), Nardò:               17th July;

-          Sagra della Patata e te le cose nosce (Potato and typical products festival), Felline (hamlet of Alliste):                                                                                                       20th July;

-          Sagra Benvenuta Estate (Welcome to summer festival), Tuglie:  23rd July;

-          Santa Cristina feast, Gallipoli:                                                 23rd – 25th July;

-          Sagra te la Purpetta (Meatballs festival), Tuglie:                       30th July;

-          Ride and Coronation Day, Nardo:                                             3rd August;

-          Sagra dell’Anguria (Watermelon festival), Parabita:                   early August;

-          Santa Caterina feast, Nardò:                                                   19th August;

-          Sagra della ‘mpilla (‘mpilla festival), Chiesanuova (hamlet of Sannicola):19th August;

-          Sagra dei Fusilli al sapore di mare (Seafood fusilli festival), Tuglie: around August 20th;

-          Santa Cesarea feast, Porto Cesareo:                                        3rd week in August;

-          Sagra di Arrivederci Estate (End of summer festival), Tuglie:      end of August;

-          Cappeddha fair, Taviano:                                                        7th and 8th September;

-          New wine feast, Alliste:                                                          11th November.