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Ionian Coast, from Torre Suda to Punta Prosciutto

The coast is a succession of beautiful bays, cliffs, stunning sandy beaches, pine forests and dunes that give life to a setting of incomparable beauty:

-          Torre Suda:                                       rocky coast with low and flat rocks;

-          Marina di Mancaversa:                        low cliffs and small sandy beaches;

-          Baia Verde:                                       splendid sandy beach;

-          Gallipoli:                                            rocky coast with low rocks and some areas of sandy beaches;

-          Rivabella:                                          beautiful sandy beach;

-          Padula Bianca:                                   sandy beaches. Shallow water and gentle slope;

-          Lido Conchiglie:                                  alternating high and low cliffs with some areas of sandy beaches;

-          Santa Maria al Bagno:                         rocky easy to access coast with some small sandy beaches;

-          Santa Caterina:                                  low rocky coast with some areas of sandy beaches;

-          Sant’Isidoro:                                     sandy beach in the marine protected area of Porto Cesareo;

-          Torre Squillace:                                  alternating sandy beaches and low rocks;

-          Porto Cesareo:                                   sandy beach and archipelago of small islands (including the Isle of Conigli);

-          Torre Lapillo:                                      marvellous beaches of fine sand;

-          Torre Castiglione:                               very nice sandy beach;

-          Punta Prosciutto :                              sandy beaches, mostly free access;