The Coast from San Foca to Castro

The Coast from San Foca to Castro

This part of the Adriatic coast is an harmonious alternation of rocky areas and beautiful sandy beaches. From north to south:

-          San Foca:                     low cliffs and sandy coves;

-          Roca Vecchia:               easy to access mid-size cliffs;

-          Torre dell’Orso:             beautiful coves with fine sand inserted into the rocky coast;

-          Torre Sant’Andrea:        mid-size cliffs with some sandy coves;

-          Laghi Alimini:                long stretch of sandy beaches;

-          Otranto:                       mostly sandy beaches with sections of low cliffs and some beautiful bays (Santo Stefano bay and dei Turchi bay);

-          Porto Badisco:              fjord on a coast of cliffs and coves;

-          Santa Cesarea Terme:   wonderful rocky coastline with some seaside resorts;

-          Castro Marina:              beautiful seaside area with cliffs, coves and caves.