Privacy policy

      Please read carefully the following statement before filling in your personal details on our website. The act of filling in this form automatically permits us to use your personal details, in order to request the availability of a property.
      1.  All personal details given to SalentoDolceVita remain confidential as required by law n. 196/2003 and such information will be used for the required availability and booking of properties. Personal information will not be given to a third party and the client will be able to withdraw any personal information in case of cancellation.
      2.  Personal details remain property of the underwritten OLTREMARE CASA srl, with headquarters in Lecce, Via Salvatore Trinchese 106, in  the person known as the legal representative dott. Stefano Fusaro.
      OLTREMARE CASA srl. Dott. Stefano Fusaro
Conditions of service
      SALENTODOLCEVITA.COM is a service provided by and marketed by OLTREMARE CASA srl, 73100 Lecce.
The service available on our site shows the current availability of properties, and remains so, unless changed, and/or updated by the site manager.
The system provides an up to date property list and their availability and therefore should not be seen as a binding agreement but only as a means of asking for information, prices and contractual conditions. The site provides descriptions of property which should be seen as accurate, with each property identifiable by a reference number and photographs.
Once a request has been made online it is up to the site manager to verify the information found in the request to be true and exact, that the correct rates are applied and that they include any taxes, and in addition to this that the request also contains all names and addresses including that of the applicant, estate agent and the property’s owner, and in conclusion a contract proposal should be sent via email.
A contract proposal is available on the website by using the property’s reference number, where a description, availability, rates and methods of payment can also be found. The interested party should complete the contract, pay the requested deposit and along with a proof of payment fax them to the estate agent, who will then contact the owner in order to sign their contract. It is only at this point that both parties have entered into a binding agreement.
If for any reason this process cannot be completed the deposit in full will be returned to the interested party.
However, should completion be finalised the interested party will receive confirmation via email.