Events in Santa Maria di Leuca and Surroundings

Events in Santa Maria di Leuca and Surroundings

Important Events (dates are given for information purposes only and events are subject to change):

-          Feast of Saint Ippazio, Tiggiano:                                           19th January;

-          Feast of Saint Gregorio, Acquarica del Capo:                           20th January;

-          Feast of Candelora, Specchia:                                                02nd February;

-          Festival of Saint Marco, Ruffano:                                           25th April;

-          Feast of Saint Antonio, Tricase:                                             11th June;

-          Feast and Sagra of Saint Luigi, Presicce:                                 21st June;

-          Festival of Saints Peter and Paul, Tricase:                               29th June;

-          Feast of Madonna del Carmine, Presicce:                                 15th July;

-          Sagra te lu Paniri, Miggiano:                                                  around 16th July;

-          Sagra del Grano, Acquarica del Capo:                                      around 26th July;

-          Sagra della Puccia, Ugento:                                                   around 28th July;

-          Sagra te li Ciceri e Tria, Ugento:                                              04th August;

-          Sagra della Ficandò, Alessano:                                               at the beginning of August;

-          San Vito, Tricase:                                                                  from 09th August;

-          Sagra dei Piatti Nosci, Castrignano del Capo:                           around 11th August;

-          Festival of Saint Vito, Presicce:                                               11th August;

-          Notte Bianca, Specchia:                                                         12th August;

-          Festival of Saint Rocco, Torre Paduli (near Ruffano):                 15th August;

-          Sagra Manciata e Ballata, Patù:                                              18th August;

-          Sagra del Pesce Fritto, Castrignano del Capo:                          18th August;

-          Feast of the Saints Medici, Salve:                                            27th September;

-          Sagra del Maiale, Miggiano:                                                    2nd and 3rd Sunday of October;

-          Festival of Saint Lucia, Tricase:                                               13th December;

-          Sagra della Pittula, Tiggiano:                                                 21st December;

-          Sagra della Pittula, Specchia:                                                 24th December;

-          Living nativity scene, Tricase:                                                25th December.