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Events in Santa Maria di Leuca and Surroundings

Important Events (dates are given for information purposes only and events are subject to change):

-          Feast of Saint Ippazio, Tiggiano:                                           19th January;

-          Feast of Saint Gregorio, Acquarica del Capo:                           20th January;

-          Feast of Candelora, Specchia:                                                02nd February;

-          Festival of Saint Marco, Ruffano:                                           25th April;

-          Feast of Saint Antonio, Tricase:                                             11th June;

-          Feast and Sagra of Saint Luigi, Presicce:                                 21st June;

-          Festival of Saints Peter and Paul, Tricase:                               29th June;

-          Feast of Madonna del Carmine, Presicce:                                 15th July;

-          Sagra te lu Paniri, Miggiano:                                                  around 16th July;

-          Sagra del Grano, Acquarica del Capo:                                      around 26th July;

-          Sagra della Puccia, Ugento:                                                   around 28th July;

-          Sagra te li Ciceri e Tria, Ugento:                                              04th August;

-          Sagra della Ficandò, Alessano:                                               at the beginning of August;

-          San Vito, Tricase:                                                                  from 09th August;

-          Sagra dei Piatti Nosci, Castrignano del Capo:                           around 11th August;

-          Festival of Saint Vito, Presicce:                                               11th August;

-          Notte Bianca, Specchia:                                                         12th August;

-          Festival of Saint Rocco, Torre Paduli (near Ruffano):                 15th August;

-          Sagra Manciata e Ballata, Patù:                                              18th August;

-          Sagra del Pesce Fritto, Castrignano del Capo:                          18th August;

-          Feast of the Saints Medici, Salve:                                            27th September;

-          Sagra del Maiale, Miggiano:                                                    2nd and 3rd Sunday of October;

-          Festival of Saint Lucia, Tricase:                                               13th December;

-          Sagra della Pittula, Tiggiano:                                                 21st December;

-          Sagra della Pittula, Specchia:                                                 24th December;

-          Living nativity scene, Tricase:                                                25th December.