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Grecìa Salentina Surroundings

And finally, throughout Grecia Salentina you can see dolmens, menhirs, typical houses with courtyards, crypts, abbeys,  dovecotes ("Li Palumbari"), icehouses, underground mills and important places of worship. Nearby, one of the most interesting historical centres is Maglie, with among other sites, the Paleontological and Palaeoethnology Museum "Decio De Lorentiis." Maglie is an important economic and cultural centre with beautiful monuments and places of interest. With Messapian origins, Muro Leccese is a picturesque village where stands the Palazzo del Principe and where the remains of the ancient city walls can be seen on the outskirts of the village. And finally, Galatina which in addition to having a splendid civil and religious architecture, is also the birthplace of tarantism. Legend has it that some phenomena of tarantism occurred precisely in the Church of Saint Paul, inside which there is a  well from which St. Paul drew water to heal women bitten by the tarantula ("the tarantate").