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Grecìa Salentina

Grecìa Salentina in the heart of Salento

“Kalòs ìrtate stin Grecìa Salentina” or “Welcome to Grecìa Salentina”. The area called Grecìa Salentina is a group of eleven towns in the heart of Salento, united by their traditions and culture: Calimera, Carpignano Salentino, Castrignano de’ Greci, Corigliano d’Otranto,...

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From an architectural point of view, a characteristic monument of Grecia Salentina are Pozzelle, or underground tanks dug in karstic depressions to collect water. Here the locals would go with jugs and buckets to collect water, essential for both vital requirements and domestic needs, making it...

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Grecìa Salentina Surroundings

And finally, throughout Grecia Salentina you can see dolmens, menhirs, typical houses with courtyards, crypts, abbeys,  dovecotes ("Li Palumbari"), icehouses, underground mills and important places of worship. Nearby, one of the most interesting historical centres is Maglie, with among other...

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The Coast, Melendugno, Otranto, Santa Cesarea Terme

The Adriatic coast is the nearest and offers both sandy beaches and rocky areas: marinas of Melendugno, Otranto, Santa Cesarea Terme.

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Events in the Grecìa Salentina

Important Events (dates are given for information and events are subject to change):-          Candelora Fair, Martano:...

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Transport options to the Grecìa Salentina

-          Highway:         SS16, SS101;-          Train:              Lecce station, Zollino station,...

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