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The Coast from Tricase Porto to the so called Maldive del Salento

Generally on the Adriatic side, the coastline is characterised by rocky cliffs with overhanging areas, many caves and some bays and natural creeks that fit in this awesome landscape. From north to south:

-          Marina di Andrano:          rocks with small beaches and bathing establishments;

-          Tricase Porto:                    small natural bay with a rocky shore;

-          Marina di Serra:                cliff with a difficult access and freshwater sources (Aquaviva);

-          Marina di Novaglie:          low cliffs and natural caves;

-          Santa Maria di Leuca:      mostly rock with some beach areas.

On the Ionian coast, however, there are mostly long stretches of sand, with some areas of low rocks, easy to access.

From south to north:

-          Torre San Gregorio:         mainly rocky, with a small strip of sand;

-          Torre Vado:                        small rocks and pebble beaches;

-          Pescoluse:                          sandy beaches (the Maldives of the Salento);

-          Torre Pali:                          mostly sandy beaches with some small rocks;

-          Lido Marini:                       sandy beaches and shallow waters;

-          Torre Mozza:                     golden sand beaches;

-          Torre San Giovanni:        small rocks and sandy beach;

-          Posto Rosso:                     medium-sized rocks.