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Typical dishes

Apulian cuisine uses simple ingredients. It is very nutritious and healthy due to the importance given to raw materials, both from land and sea. Some excellent typical dishes are: rice, potatoes and mussels (also called "tajeddha"), sea bream of San Nicola, roasted lamb, turcinieddhi or 'mbojacate or gnummareddhi (rolls of giblets), pieces of horse, pittule (balls of fried dough prepared at Christmas), rape 'nfucate (fried turnip greens), pitta di patate (potato cake), eggplant parmigiana, potato croquettes, lu purpu alla pignata (stewed octopus), cicòre a mminéscia cu llà pancetta de maiale (soup with wild chicory and pancetta), fried tomatoes, squid alla gallipolina, spaghetti with anchovy and breadcrumbs, fried zucchini flowers, sautéed mussels with pepper, fried artichokes, mussels au gratin, sautéed wild onions, bombette of Cisternino (breaded slices of veal rolled up with caciocavallo cheese), tripe with potatoes, pasta with sea urchins, blood sausage, municeddhe (snails), and many other classics of the Apulian cuisine.