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Gastronomy: food and delights in Puglia

Introduction: the Apulian cuisine

The Apulian cuisine has ancient origins.The geographical position of the region has made it subject to numerous colonisations that have made a strong contribution to the development of the local cuisine, sometimes even influencing the cooking methods, the ingredients used and the customs. Added to...

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Wheat, olive oil and fresh vegetables

Thus is born Apulian cuisine, a cuisine known and appreciated for its simplicity and delicacy, its quality and authenticity, and whose main ingredients are wheat, olive oil and fresh vegetables. Basic ingredients to which farmers would combine grain legumes, creating delicious dishes such as, for...

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Frisella, taralli and bread

Another typical element of Puglia's cuisine is the still widely consumed friseddha (a round dried bread) that is usually topped with tomato and olive oil.In addition to friseddha, in white or whole-wheat flour, many other baked goods are present in Apulian homes including plain or flavoured...

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Typical dishes

Apulian cuisine uses simple ingredients. It is very nutritious and healthy due to the importance given to raw materials, both from land and sea. Some excellent typical dishes are: rice, potatoes and mussels (also called "tajeddha"), sea bream of San Nicola, roasted lamb, turcinieddhi or 'mbojacate...

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Typical desserts

The Apulian like to go to the bar especially in the morning for breakfast and afternoon coffee. In fact, they love having croissant or pasticciotto (pastry filled with custard cream) for breakfast with a cappuccino or espressino and meet up for a coffee in the afternoon, which, in summer, they...

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Impossible not to mention the many excellent wines produced in Puglia. These fine tasting wines with DOC or “Controlled designation of origin” label are currently around 24: Martina Franca and Locorotondo, Negroamaro Salento, Leverano DOC and Salice Salentino.

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