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Wheat, olive oil and fresh vegetables

Thus is born Apulian cuisine, a cuisine known and appreciated for its simplicity and delicacy, its quality and authenticity, and whose main ingredients are wheat, olive oil and fresh vegetables. Basic ingredients to which farmers would combine grain legumes, creating delicious dishes such as, for example, the well-known mashed fava beans with chicory and pieces of fried bread.

Home-made pasta is rigorously made from durum wheat flour and water and can have various shapes: orecchiette, maccarruni, minchiareddhi, cavatieddi, troccoli, sagne ‘ncannulate. They are combined to certain condiments to give life to delicious dishes such as orecchiette with turnip greens, orecchiette with pork chops, ciceri e tria (tagliatelle with chickpeas), cavatelli with mussels.