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Traditions that survive and traditions that disappear. A tradition still widespread, especially in small communities, is the neighbourhood gathering during the warm summer evenings in front of a neighbour's house. People would gather (each one brought its own chair from home) to watch television together because not everyone had one, or to eat a juicy slice of watermelon. Today, for the simple pleasure of a chat, to be with friends and enjoy the cool breeze that refreshes the hot summer days. Elderly people sitting al fresco is a beautiful image, which you can enjoy walking through the streets of the charming villages of the area. A particular tradition during the period of Lent continues among the neighbourhoods. On the occasion of Shrove Tuesday, is exposed, usually hanging on the balconies or on the top corner of houses, the so-called "Coremma". It is a straw puppet representing an elderly widow dressed in black with a black handkerchief on her head, a "mantile" (apron), a shawl over her shoulders and accessories with a particular meaning. She is dressed in black to mourn the death of her husband, which allegorically represents the death of Carnival, a time of celebration and joy that will be followed by a period of abstinence and sacrifice (