Villa with sea view garden in Torre Pali, Salento

Villa with sea view garden in Torre Pali, Salento

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Let’s tell the story of 3 charming villas with gardens overlooking the sea, ideal for a holiday of relaxation and beauty.

In these villas the smells of the Mediterranean maquis blend with the sea breezes and the variegated green of the vegetation joins the blue of the Ionian Sea, along one of the most loved crystalline coasts of Salento.

Between dry stone walls, vaulted ceilings and elements of pure Salento typicality, one of the elements that unites these three villas is that the territory is present in every space with its most important natural elements: the incredible light, the breeze from the wind sea, the smells of the Mediterranean maquis.

Ideal for those looking for a charming place to enjoy Salento in relaxation, with privacy and silence, for those who want to experience the Salento area slowly and beautifully.

Villa Elia – your garden, a dry stone wall away from the sea

Villa Elia – CIS: LE07506691000027184
Villa Elia
Villa Elia – CIS: LE07506691000027184 –

Villa Elia is a charming and suggestive Mediterranean-style house, so close to the sea (just 1.4 km) that it gives the feeling  to touch the sea immediately beyond the dry stone wall, a typical local construction, which separates the of your private garden from the rest of the Salento marine countryside.

The villa looks like a welcoming fortress, in which you can enjoy more sheltered open spaces with a solarium and a small jeweled swimming pool and table for your dinners or lunches, and a larger space, under a beautiful patio, from which the eyes have access to the spectacle of beautiful sunsets over the Ionian Sea.

The interiors are a mix of natural materials, pastel colors, recuperative restoration elements and objects that recall the peasant tradition of Salento.

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Villa Giada – a rose garden overlooking the sea

Villa Giada – CIS: LE07506691000017928
Villa Giada – CIS: LE07506691000017928
Villa Giada – CIS: LE07506691000017928

Recently built, Villa Giada is a beautiful Mediterranean-style house with a splendid sea view, about 1 km from the most beautiful beaches in southern Salento and 3 km from the renowned Maldives of Salento.
The use of quality materials and accessories such as the preparation with attention to the smallest details with a decor with artistic features give the house an indisputable charm.

The lime and stone interiors, the star vaults, give that charm of typicality that so enchants, and the windows in the living areas give all the interiors all the light that Salento can give.

The sea can be seen from practically every point of the interior, but it is best enjoyed from the patio-gazebo surrounded by roses, lavender and edible and perfumed plants.

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Villa Ines – Patio and pool with seaview

villa ines santa maria di leuca
Villa Ines – CIS: LE07506691000005173 –
interni villa salento
Villa Ines – CIS: LE07506691000005173 –
Villa Ines – CIS: LE07506691000005173 –

Villa Ines is a small kingdom… so perfect that you run the risk of not wanting to leave it even for a moment during your holiday.

Evocative Mediterranean-style villa with sea view pool, its interiors are precious, imaginative, modern but which cross the Salento tradition, with elements in stone, wood and marble.
From the huge patio you can see the sea on the horizon, behind a large swimming pool in the center of a garden with a gazebo surrounded by greenery, an oasis of shade and perfumes.

Here it is possible to rest, meditate, walk, swim.

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