Villas dans le Salento: l’hospitalité est bien plus qu’un détail

Villas dans le Salento: l’hospitalité est bien plus qu’un détail

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How to rent a villa in Salento, with sea view or with swimming pool, as a holiday accommodation. Find the one that really suits you.

Salento is a land with a historical tradition of hospitality; the local warmth goes far beyond its mild climate.

You can feel it approaching people and this is in fact one of the aspects that you’ll hardly forget. 

We have made this spirit our own, in our way of living and above all of working: we select and offer our guests and customers charming villas and homes where you can feel this charm, choosing with you the place that, more the being beautiful, really suits your personal needs. 

How to choose the ideal villa for your holiday in Salento?

Thinking about the sea view or the pool as a feature is not enough: pools can be so different and they can fortunately meet so many different needs. 

Even more so, a cliff view is not the same as a beach view with direct access to the sea.

Therefore, we like to accompany you in your choice, taking care of your real needs, which change according to the presence of children, large groups, pets and many other aspects.

Villas with swimming pool for rent in Salento:
what makes the difference

Villa Margherita a Otranto
Villa Masseria la Margherita
Villa Masseria La Margherita, Roca, Salento
Villa Masseria La Margherita

Salento offers many solutions scattered throughout the territory for the most comfortable holidays and villas with swimming pool.

When we propose our customers the best suited solutions, we take into account not only the ideal accommodation dreamed of by the client, but also the possible needs of the group (couple, family, friends), that the client itself didn’t think about yet. 

For example, in proposing an enchanting structure such as Masseria La Margherita, just 3 km from the sea of Otranto, we point out that the pool is located in a fenced courtyard, with a separation door, for greater safety for children.

Thus, this villa with swimming pool becomes much more than a « simple » beautiful villa with swimming pool: it becomes your perfect tailor made villa. 

A villa for rent in Salento by the sea… is much more than a sea view

Villa Conchiglia
ville con accesso diretto al mare del Salento
Villa Conchiglia

One of the most popular requests made by people coming to Salento are holidays houses with a sea view.

No wonder, since the sea of Salento is a cornerstone of the general beauty of the area.

What not everyone knows, and that we love to reveal, is that this view, before reaching the sea, crosses the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub, olive groves and stretches of fragrant fruit trees.

The sea view is, for example, one of the things leading a great interest on Villa Conchiglia, together with its direct access to the sea.

However, what remains in the memory of our guests goes far beyond the view and access to the sea: the panorama, the atmosphere created by the intensity of the light that varies at every hour of the day, the song of the crickets at night… all this is made intense thanks to an interior design finely studied to assist all these sensations.

The beauty of Salento, as you can see, is fully expressed and in details but is, for us, far more than a detail.

Contact us to find out together which is the most suitable villa for you and your holidays.

Masseria Villa Margherita CIS: LE07504391000001062
Villa Conchiglia: CIS: LE07503591000007464