CIRCOSTANZE 2015 – An artistical festival in  Salento!

CIRCOSTANZE 2015 – An artistical festival in Salento!

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The “Fabbrica dei Gesti”, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Castrignano of the Greeks and the support of the LAG Isola del Salento, is organizing the upcoming April 30, 2015 at 20:30 of the third edition CIRCUMSTANCES at the Castle Baron de Gualtieriis Castrignano dei Greci (Lecce).

Circumstances is a multidisciplinary event, conceived by Stefania Mariano de La Fabbrica of gestures, able to relate different artistic languages, the talents, the union, the exchange interaction between artists, associations, social cultural workers, citizens , institutions, through art. An event then able to generate a stream pro-positive, pro-active, cohesion, participation and transformation, a stage full of multiple all creativity that animate our region and beyond.

This year circumstances will differ for the choice of the theme, the WELCOME, a way for the performance itself is able to integrate into the dynamics of everyday life.

It will be an event that will involve part of a community, as the project has asked the artists to question the value and meaning of hospitality, moving parallel to the discovery of a citizenship is not always visible, that soul lives, feeds the energy of a country, in a daily life marked by a rhythm of gestures, sounds, knowledge, languages ​​and stories.

A new way to live it will help to explore new processes and forms of communication and relationship, supporting the value of the meeting and do together through art.

THE RECEPTION, the main theme of the third edition of circumstances in 2015, gave birth to three Open Call: “Call to the arts”; “Associations and Markets – Make it an art Surrounding” and “Extended Jam Sessions”.

Call the call to the arts has seen a great turnout, which was followed by a selection of guests who will enliven the evening of April 30, 2015.