Masseria nel Salento: warmth welcomes all year round

Masseria nel Salento: warmth welcomes all year round

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A Masseria farm in Salento, close to the sea, in the countryside, with the warmth of this land welcoming you all year round: ideal farmhouse for yoga retreats, meditation and holistic wellness.

The feeling of being welcome and peaceful is here in the internal and external spaces of Masseria Matine, thanks to a skilful mix of styles, colors and materials, near the beautiful natural swimming pool of Marina Serra.

Villa Matine is a Masseria of Puglia, whose great charm is due to the careful and meticulous restoration work and to the style chosen for the interiors.

Let’s get acquainted with this little paradise.

A mix of perfumes of local plants, sea and clean air

masseria campagna salento
Masseria Matine
CIS: LE07508651000021324
masseria salento
Masseria Matine –
CIS: LE07508651000021324

Masseria Matine is located in a plain rich in pines of the Mediterranean scrub and wild and edible plants rich in perfumes and different chromatic intensities; the plain of Masseria Matine dominates in height the valley that descends towards the village of Alessano, known as the city of art and hospitality.

The territory of this Salento farmhouse is characterized by luxuriant countryside, mirror of the deepest natural soul of this area of Puglia; the same land of relevance (3 hectares) that surrounds the estate is characterized by an almost consequential succession of different and picturesque internal courtyards, communicating with each other and delimited by high dry stone walls.

Each space of the internal courtyards is characterized by the presence of citrus trees, olive trees, pergolas of ivy and bougainvillea, huge aloe plants. There is also a small plot of land for the production of pomegranates with 400 trees.

villa nel salento per yoga
Masseria Matine CIS: LE07508651000021324

In these hectares that surround Masseria Matine there is also a swimming pool which, being in front of the main entrance, marks a line of continuity with the landscape: coming out of the large glass door, at any moment you will see the blue carpet of water anticipating the intense green of the pine forests of the Salento scrub.

The interiors of stone, light and warm colors

masseria nel salento
Masseria Matine CIS: LE07508651000021324

Even the interiors, like the structure of the external spaces, are the brilliant result of a careful restoration that lasted a few years.

From the main building stands a beautiful fortified tower that dominates the context with the housing nucleus leaning against it, which in turn opens onto the large cloister with a portico serving as access to most of the bedrooms.

The interiors immediately give all the light of Salento as a gift, thanks to the large arched windows, which accompany the rhythm of the star vaults in different rooms.

masserie salentine MATINE
Masseria Matine CIS: LE07508651000021324

The presence of wood, in the furnishing accessories often coming from fine conservative restoration works as well as in some areas with exposed beams, transmit the typical warmth and sense of welcome that only this sacred material can give.

Finally, the presence of furniture that invites meditation, relaxation, reading, synergy with the surrounding environment, passes through the furniture, antique and modern and in perfect harmony, and through precious tapestries and exotic carpets that soften reverberations. , creating a hushed and protected atmosphere.

Meditation area in the Apulian farm

masseria per yoga in puglia
Masseria Matine CIS: LE07508651000021324

The lush citrus grove is designed as an area for meditation, and many indoor and outdoor areas lend themselves perfectly to yoga and holistic wellness practices.

From one of the gardens of the courtyards it is possible to access, through stone stairs, a panoramic and sunny relax area with swimming pool with hydromassage corner; always from the outside there is access to a functional sauna.

masseria con piscina e sauna salento

All this makes Masseria Matine a masseria in Apulia perfect for yoga, meditation and holistic wellness retreats.

And of course, also an ideal place for group or family holidays at any time of the year.

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