Sea view swimmingpools: here are 5 of the best
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Sea view swimmingpools: here are 5 of the best

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Great pools for unique concepts: see some of the best pools in Salento

A few days ago we have told you about the most beautiful natural swimming pools of Puglia lands.

Today we fall too far from the topic, and we take you to see the –less-natural swimming pools although organically inserted in contexts in which nature is the master and first lady.

Indeed today we’ll show you 5 of the most beautiful swimming pools overlooking the sea in Salento, built-in fascinating villas where you can stay for a holiday.


Each pool is built according to a “concept” harmoniously shared with housing complexes where they belong; it is important to choose the inspiration closer to your mood and emotional needs: you need light and sun to be absorbed with no control or you need shades and nuances? Your mind needs discretion or the feeling of flying and fall in the deepest sea? 

Pool in mediterranean perfumes

Can you remember what we told you about the local restructured trulli and pagghiare (Salento type of trulli) where you can spend a charming holiday? Villa Grecale is just a group of small pagghiare around a beautiful private pool overlooking the Adriatic Sea, near Santa Maria di Leuca.

The beneficial aspect of this open environment is the chance for you to walk barefoot on a soft lawn and enjoy the softer light of the sun, and looking for a shady shalter un the shadow of the trees. Dry stone walls, carob, olive and fig trees give this space smells and strongly Mediterranean connotations.

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Water overhanging trees

A wide and very long pool set in marble and wood, where the perceptual contrast between hot and cold reflects the harmonious clash of warm sunlight and cool water.

We are always at Santa Maria di Leuca, to be precise on a hill overlooking the bay of Felloniche, which enjoys spectacular views over an expanse of olive trees that descend to the sea.

The outdoor swimming pool is located in the upper part of a villa enclosed by large windows and an internal cloister, which make the house bright and in a solution of continuity with the surrounding landscape.

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Almost waterfall over Castro sea

Between the stones of the dry walls, in a roof garden in the Castro marina, is the swimming pool of Villa il Faro, with its games in transparency, pretend to hang over the sea thanks to an interesting perspective effect.

The villa whose courtyard welcomes the pool, is just 120 m from the sea and is situated in a strategic and privileged position that makes it unique. Surrounded by lush pine trees, the villa is situated in the popular “Zinzulusa” area, close to the homonymous cave, offering an amazing view of the coast facing Castro and the coast facing Santa Caesarea.

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Surrounded by water

We are always in Castro Marina landscape, just outside its charming village.

Here is a splendid villa pied dans l’eau with a pool overlooking the sea; Villa Panorama offers a direct view of the sea of Castro,  virtually from every window and the immense swimming pool that appears before does not interrupt this leitmotiv.

The artificial water mirror is discreetly separated by evergreen branches and is clearly visible from the blue and white balconies of the villa.

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A tribute to the meeting of two seas

In the villa called I due mari (i.e. the two seas) you might think one of the two is indeed this blue pool hanging over the coast leading to Santa Maria di Leuca, where the Ionian and Adriatic see touch each other, giving us one of the most inspiring landscapes in the wolrd.

The vision rhythm is binary in all spaces: the green vegetation keeps pace with the blue of the artificial ponds of the pool and natural sea, the cool shade of the garden keeps pace with the points mentioned the strong sun of Salento, the feeling of being in the most isolated rural walks next to the perception of the crowd of the very close popular coasts.

Every corner becomes a treasure to enjoy to the full.

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