7 natural pools of Puglia

7 natural pools of Puglia

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Is there anything more beautiful than the sea and a cliff?

Hard to say, probably not, there’s not.

Yet if it is combined with the beauty of the calm sea and the comfort of an enclosed – almost private – space, with little wind, waves and currents, we are in those small natural havens that are born from the sea and rocks: the natural pools.

The Apulian coast has serveral of them, some tiny and hidden, other so big and beautiful to have become popular among sea and the coast (and diving) fans.

Today we’ll guide you in the exploration of seven natural pools in the region, where it is nice to take a dip even before the summer.

They are such poetic and inspiring places as they are fragile, so you have to visit and enjoy them with respect, discretion and sense of civic duty.

Vieste Vignanotica

vignanotica vieste piscine naturali di puglia

In a beaming Gargano and 20 km from its “pearl”, Vieste,  you’ll see Vignanotica Beach (namely, along the road 53 that connects Vieste to Mattinata).

The mixture of sand and gravel contributes to the silvery shades of the water surface, framed by white calcareous rocks.

These create a beautiful landscape, whose “scenes” make some small areas of the private rooms of sand and water, perfect place for a romantic afternoon.

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Polignano a mare

Polignano a Mare, area of Bari, needs no presentation, at least among Apulia lovers.

Mostly rocky coastline, with pebble that accompany the first few meters of the sea inlet. The white houses of the waterfront named after Domenico Modugno watches and guards when walking through the rocks and you can come across small clearings secrets.

From these privileged panoramic corners you can see a rectangular basin, a swimming pool in the rocks that welcomes spontaneously water from the sea and the waves flow.

Grotta Monaca

grotta monaca piscine naturali

We come in Salento, with several quite famous natural marine cavities.

Among these, perhaps the least popular but unique for its beauty is the Grotta Monaca, not far from Otranto (north of Otranto and south of the Alimini Lakes).

The feature that sets it apart from other natural pools is its location overlooking the sea, between the steep cliffs. This position makes it a little paradise reserved for the more adventurous and less lazy. Nearby there is also a beach resort, the Dolce Riva, which makes it easier to approach and explore this wonderful air with its secret coves.

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Marina Serra

marina serra piscina naturale nelle rocce

We have already said something about Marina Serra in the article “Between Tricase and Marina Serra: so much beauty that becomes art”, in which we talked of the special events, where to eat and where to enjoy the best of this magical as small fraction of the world.

Today we’ll tell you about the natural pool of Marina Serra listed, by several sites, magazines and travel blogs, among the ten most beautiful in the world.

The cove between the rocks was carved by the sea and wind, but access is made easier thanks to the steps made by man in a past when the washerwomen came here every day.

The place is so beautiful that it is often chosen as a natural theater for cultural events for very few people (for security reasons and landscape protection): from classical theater on the water to concerts like The Alba in Jazz festival in early August beloved by true experts of the genre, hosting every year international musica celebrities.

Sunrise itself is here pure theater, every day: the sun creeps into a hole in the cliff wall that serves as the natural pool, lighting up like a beacon every new day.

Grotta della Poesia

Grotta della Poesia
Grotta della Poesia

Beautiful in the name indeed, this cave opens headlong into crystal clear waters.

Roca Vecchia, on the Adriatic coast, in the Melendugno marine area, is a renowned archaeological site, with is a ‘500 tower, a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Roca, a castle whose ruins look over the sea.

And then there are the two caves (which in fact are just the natural pools) spaced about 60 meters apart. Unsuitable in summer for those seeking solitude but perfect destination for those who love to jump into the void, and want to combine the beauty of the landscape to an adventure breath.

Santa Cesarea Terme

santa cesarea terme piscine naturali

Let’s close our journey through the natural pools of Puglia with a necessary step in Santa Cesarea Terme. Here you will find not only the world-famous hot springs of sulphurous water, where you can have a massage or a spa treatment.

Here you can also give yourself a bath and relaxing in the “Piscine”, ie natural creeks born inside the ancient limestone quarries. In them the water is fairly low and clear and is accessed by a staircase carved into the rock by the Bagni Marini Archi, where you can also have a drink or lunch / dinner with view on one of the most beautiful views of Salento.

Have you ever had the opportunity to bathe in one of these beautiful natural architecture?

7 natural pools to enjoy in Puglia