Very special Masseria Farms in Salento.

Very special Masseria Farms in Salento.

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The practice of the recovery of ancient farms is not just a “job” of construction, architecture and interior design: this is now a real art of enhancement of pieces of history, so that they are perfectly integrated with the tourist and housing purposes.

Many masserie farms in Salento are just that: works of art loved not only by those who want to spend moments of beauty and total relax in contact with a Mediterranean nature and smells of the sea, but also by those who study, observe and are intrigued by the art restoration of old houses and by interior design.

Today we’ll learn about 4 farms linked to the history of Salento, which are characterized by veru special interiors and that are made special by the particularity of the pools and by the garde desing of outdoor areas.

All enclosed within the walls of a blue sky and red earth of this magical land.

very special masseria farms in salento

Villa Caroma

A well-known Italian artist redrew the particular lines of Villa Caroma, in the beautiful countryside of Ostuni, the white city.

To be precise, this farm is located inside the Park of Torre Guaceto, in an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, filled with olive trees.

If its conformation of 300 sqm, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and two beautiful verandas, terrace with sea view and pool are very appealing to travelers who love to pamper themselves in the beauty, its interior are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who love design.

Here the industrial style meets the well-being of green building materials, “shabby chic” details embracing trappings recovered from the ancient peasant furniture in stone, made usable again without giving up the modern comforts.

villa carota dettaglio masseria salento

Modern art scattered in the interior gives further prestige to the farm that becomes in practice an art and design fair, within “swimming distance” from a long pool that seems to lead directly into the  house.

Villa Caroma furnished covered Veranda near sleeping area (20)

masseria con piscina villa caroma

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Masseria la Margherita

Near the famous and beautiful Otranto, the Masseria Margherita reflects the structural characteristics of the typical country farms of Salento.

20,000 square meters of area with stone walls, fruit trees, an amazing patio.

The whole of southern housing symbolism is reflected in the interior details of this mansion, in its various stone fireplaces that enrich rooms full of light, from the vaulted ceilings and details at the bottom.

masseria la margherita - salento

The bare wooden doors and objects of ancient farming traditions like ladders and trunks, restored preserving a deep touch of authenticity, lead you in the past and the comfort of the pool and patio bring tyou back to the present comfort.

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La Masseriola

One of the works of restoration and housing recovery ever more respectful of the old farm make the masseria farm La Masseriola the ideal place for those who love this type of structure.

About two kilometers from the sea of San Gregorio, this was a typical country house on a property of about 4000 square meters of Mediterranean bush.

Few significant elements of the interior makes it charming and simple. Vaulted ceilings and barrel, and the dry stone walls, all still with the ancient materials, are a source of great architectural interest for those who stay.

The exterior alternates the “rustic” and the sometimes harsh nature of Salento with more contemporary elements linked to relaxation, such as a swimming pool in the green and small intimate corners scattered in the green.

la masseriola pool and farm in salento italy

masseria farm relax south italy salento

Rich interiors thanks to the simplicity and imagination to the best use of space, as is typical of ancient times, topped with goodies interior appreciated by lovers of the details.

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Masseria Matine

A few kilometers from Marina Serra and its natural pool, where you can see the most beautiful sunrises in the world, sitting on the sea rocks,  Masseria Matine rises, surrounded by beautiful olive groves.

The careful renovation, which lasted several years, has made it a stylish and charming country resort made special by the succession of courtyards connected with each other, and bounded by stone walls.

masseria matite nel salento

A fully equipped cloister, a beautiful, lush citrus grove, meditation areas, a small garden that leads through the stone stairs to a panoramic and sunny relax area with pool: since the first glance you’ll see the story of a mansion of great value.

A cool and retrò hint is what makes you feel so good in the interior. The old farming tools, restored and used for modern, imaginative and varied purposes, tapestries overlooking stylish sofas lying on carpets in warm colors create a full homely feeling.


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