Bucolic rustic or minimal and linear: two villas with swimming pool in the extreme point of Salento

Bucolic rustic or minimal and linear: two villas with swimming pool in the extreme point of Salento

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A view as far as the eye can see on the Salento countryside, which leads the view towards the sea, or spaces integrated in a typical village of southern Salento, with a terrace open to the intense blue sky?

The choice is so hard, because the housing concepts studied in Villa Ambra and Villa Athena are both interesting, two places designed to allow families or groups of friends to spend a holiday close to the sea of Salento, but also in close contact with

  • local nature,
  • local traditions,
  • immersive experience in the most authentic Salento

The characteristics that the two accommodations have in common are actually more than what an unwary eye could detect.

Both are two modern villas, though one has design features recalling rustic country houses and the other is located in a context of ancient village houses.

Both find their way to combine, aesthetically and practically, simplicity with charm, linear charm with small and great luxuries that make the holiday a set of magical moments.

Villa Ambra

villa piscina santa maria di leuca - villa_swimming_pool_area-1
Villa Ambra LE07501991000022280

Villa Ambra is a modern villa, with a rustic and bucolic charm in some well-studied details of the interiors and outdoor spaces that start from the dry stone walls and extend into a wonderful fenced garden, full of trees and ornamental plants.

Also in the precious outdoor spaces we find a swimming pool, which looks like a clear carpet at the foot of the entrance, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.

villa con jacuzzi salento
Villa Ambra LE07501991000022280

Water, for people of Salento, is an important element, and in fact we can also find it on the roof, in the form of a Jacuzzi overlooking the sea: three different levels of contact with water.

Here, overlooking the west coast of Santa Maria di Leuca, you can enjoy wonderful sunsets and beautiful sunrises, for those who are early risers.

Villa Ambra LE07501991000022280

A place especially loved by by early bird, to practice yoga or gentle exercise, followed by a refreshing dip before giving space to the day’s explorations.

The reference to tradition also shows up inside, with the star vaults typical of the more traditional Salento architecture, enhanced by linear and modern furnishings.

Villa Athena

villa moderna centro salento
Villa Athena
CIS: LE07502891000024429

Villa Athena fits into the warm and welcoming setting of the historic center of Gagliano del Capo, a small town in the lower Salento, a few minutes from the Adriatic sea.

In this nest of old houses, its linear, white, clean architectural style fits perfectly.

Villa Athena is a fine modern villa with garden and an internal courtyard with swimming pool, conceived as a family retreat from the chaos of city life.

Villa Athena
CIS: LE07502891000024429

The structure reminds a Roman domus, with an internal courtyard with a large patio, equipped and shaded with bamboo wattle, all around the elegant swimming pool, whose dark blue background brings to mind the sea.

Blue returns, in the territorial history told by this house, also by details of the interiors, so as to never interrupt the mental connection with the Salento sky and, obviously, its sea, just a few kilometers from this refuge.

villa salento con piscina
Villa Athena
CIS: LE07502891000024429

In the design, a tribute was also made to the towers scattered around of the Salento, through a tower in line with the bell tower of the nearby Church of San Rocco, and which rises on two floors to allow you to see the sea.

The house is developed in two separate areas, so as to make it ideal for two families or two couples traveling together.

Which of the two solutions best represents your idea of a stay in Salento?
A luxuriant garden and a terrace that sees the sunset over the sea or a discreet and charming nest, open to the sky of Salento, in the heart of a historic center?