Nordic style and “Hygge” … by the sea

Nordic style and “Hygge” … by the sea

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3 villas in Salento and the charm of contradictions

The last two years were the golden ones for the Nordic-style interior at all latitudes and now, in all discussions concerning furniture and well-being, the word “Hygge”is finally always present.

This is a bridge between the ideas of enjoy being at home and the well being related to that, and care of the little daily details of the interior.

First things first: what are the main and most fascinating elements of Nordic style?

To start, the presence of white, neutral colors, also alternating a wise use of gray and anthracite details that don’t detract cozyness.

Then the cleaning and a pervasive sense of methodical tidy space which serves not only for the mental order, but also to better capture and diffuse light.

Then, the use of wood, wrought iron and aspects mostly mininal in the arrangement of furniture and especially the ornaments.

whe nordic total white meets a home overlooking the sea in Salento
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Hygge is a Danish word that means creating a welcoming feeling with pleasant scents and light (lots of natural light during the day and subtle lighting at night), the faint aroma candles, pleasant but especially comfortable furniture layout to increase the desire and the pleasure of being at home.

The above binds perfectly with the lifestyle of Northern Europe where the winters are long and harsh, and staying at home should be a pleasure because in the long, dark winter the alternatives are very little.

But what happens when the Nordic and the very concept of “Hygge” touches the Mediterranean way of life and … a beach house?

This is how, right in the Salento, the magic happens with these villas overlooking the sea… yet a little nordic and very “hygge”.

When the “Hygge” the living room… is a terrace with sea view

The details for your wellbeing can be expertly moved from interior to exterior, creating atmospheres that don’t need anything else to make you at ease and happy to be home, alone or in company.

Casa Il Loggiato, overlooking the beautiful coast of Santa Cesarea Terme, resolves the conflict “stay at home or go out” with an open air terrace more welcoming than a loveseat with fireplace at Christmas Time. In the transition from outside to inside you can not even perceive the variation of light, since it is present in every corner of the living area.

The energy of the light remains in the spaces even in the evening, when it meets the beauty of the atmosphere of this beautiful stretch of coastline, with its lights and beautiful views.

The terrace is large enough to accommodate lanterns, candles, carpets and smells of wine and Italian cuisine.

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Light that comes right from the sea and the blue sky of Salento

casa calischia 4 casa calischia 1 casa calischia

If the Nordic binds to a particular interior designer skills to capture and diffuse light at best through order and layouts, in seaside areas the well-captured light brings not only a sense of warmth but also makes look larger even thiner spaces

Casa Calischia, overlooking the sea of ​​Gallipoli, spreads its light from the sea and the sky and makes the shabby chic interior details look particularly well ordered and welcoming in the complex tending to total white.

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Total “contaminated” white

Contamination in Salento can touch the peak of its beauty thanks to the contradictions and juxtapositions so bold as to become elegant and … perfect.

One example is Villa Mias, on the Ionian coast of Santa Maria di Leuca: it embraces the concept of total white but denounces rather than betray his Mediterranean essence in stonework and lime before than in its exterior characterized by olive groves and Mediterranean smells.

Its northern part of total white, its minimal class that uses light as a design element, makes it both ethereal and warm at once.

Search, in details, the peasant Mediterranean culture inserts, always coated and white disguised, confusing, Shocking, funny.