10 magic places for a drink over the sea in Salento

10 magic places for a drink over the sea in Salento

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Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit the far south, regardless of the festivities going on and the intensity of work rhythms, there are those mornings when you just want to look out a window or, better still, on a small sunny terrace, and look at the sea.

Here in Puglia, where also winter time can give mild and sunny Sunday mornings,  this human need is easily satisfied, you’ll just be spoiled for choice.

Today we offer a selection of our 10 beautiful and relaxing places in which to completely enjoy a drink and a sunny morning, for a deserved relax spent chatting with someone interesting or even alone, talking to yourself or to block the flow of information and opinions to which we all are daily subjected.

Obviously, all this is to be performed in front of the sea, because that’s where you can clearly see the limits of the earth, where you can’t go any further unless changing means and ways of walking your way.

We start from Otranto, one of the most beautiful destinations of Salento for the whole year.

otranto muraglioni salentodolcevita

Its historic center offers spectacular scenic views of the Adriatic Sea; one of the most attractive scenic spots is along via Padre Scuopoli. Here among the various cafes we find the ‘Giro di Boa‘, simple and cozy place to drink a glass of wine and enjoy the view. Then for lovers of lounge style there is the stylish Spinnaker, where thanks to the elegance and the panoramic view, the effect of ‘I’m king of the world’ is granted.

Going toward the tip of the peninsula of Salento, on the Adriatic coast of Tricase, the multisensory experience of the Porto Vecchio Bar Friggitoria is said to create addiction. Crispy fried fish and other fried, always accompanied by beer, white wine, rosé and in some cases also perfect with some red wine; stopping here you’ll combine the beauty of the landscape to the intense smells of salt and food, wind from the sea and local life.
A must for fans of the genre.


By changing the side of the territory, on the waterfront city of Porto Cesareo is the case of stopping at Gelateria Principe. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the terrace facing the amazing  Isola dei Conigli or choosing a table overlooking the harbor, you’ll be able to watch and count the boats and stop thinking about the evils of the world.

It is also worth making a stop in Marina di Alliste. Here you can enjoy your afternoon or noon leisure at the Sunset, pub in a terrace nestled on the rocky coast. Wine or beer or a cocktail accompany your reflections on the meaning of life, giving to it all much more value with a puccia or a sandwich made to art.

Not only culinary but also anthropological and cultural is the experience you’ll live in Gallipoli, another popular city overlooking the Ionian strip of the Salento peninsula.

apertura noce di mare
In Gallipoli there are two ports, a commercial one and the other called Porto Vecchio.
Here moor fishing boats of local fishermen give to locals the opportunity to eat fresh seafood throughout the year.
Come here at sunset, when the fishing boats and trawlers fall performing an almost religious ritual; the harbor is crowded with travelers and citizens awaiting the opening of the stalls and the preparation of the tables set to serve fresh fish; this is chosen, purchased, cleaned and served on a nice big dish seasoned with oil, lemon and pepper according to taste. All it accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine.


Facing the same side of the sea we find tthe beautiful city of Santa Caterina, between Santa Maria al Bagno and Porto Selvaggio. Its charm lies in the landscape divided between the waterfront and the most ‘hilly side’, said Cenate, village of ancient houses belonging to different eras and styles.
Overlooking the sea, there is the Barrueco, rustic and cozy little place in a kind of shabby chic style boasting extreme beauty and simplicity. Its shelters of wood and straw will shade you while sipping a cocktail or eating one of the excellent dishes with fresh ingredients.
If after the appetizer beauty makes you feel still hungry, take the chance to enjoy a pizza made in a wood oven.

foro relax vista mare

In San Gregorio (Fraction of Patù) we suggest you to stop at Bar del Moro (Via del Mare). Here, we must say, few people get up after just a drink; with just over twenty euro you will end up doing a lunch of local specialties which will allow you to contemplate for longer the beauty of creation.

For those who want to get to the end of the earth and enjoy not just one but two seas that meet as lovers or old friends after a long journey, Santa Maria di Leuca offers beautiful places to admire the sea and sky.
Among these, Punta Meliso which, as suggested by the name of the place, is surrounded by a pine forest so as to be cool even in summer. The green and blue are combined with good food (even economic), beers and wine.
At the entrance of the oldest part of Santa Maria di Leuca you will instead find the Gricò; the white sofas overlooking the sea welcome your aperitif with appetizers, finger food and craft beers.

santa maria di leuca

These are just some possible steps for a journey that deserves your presence to discover other and even more magical places.

Are there other places that you have visited and deserve to be mentioned?