4 houses with direct access to the sea of Salento

4 houses with direct access to the sea of Salento

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Stone steps that, from the front door, lead you directly to the crystalline sea of Salento, passing through small shady pinewoods. But not only this: also terraces overlooking the Adriatic sea and solarium areas with sofas, pillows and candles.

Follow us in the top 4 villas with access to the beautiful sea of Salento.

Rich in breath-taking sceneries, Salento gives an emotion in every view.

The Mediterranean vegetation, the deep blue sea as the sky and then the smells associated with the mixture of nature and gastronomy, ubiquitous companions of life of people in Salento.

Today we will show you of the best places from which to enjoy all this, and especially the sea: let’s see together 4 homes and villas made more precious by a direct access to the sea from the property, allowing the guests to have a swim at any time or just wake up and touch the sea without particular organization or efforts.

Villa Conchiglia

book Villa Conchiglia

Direct access to the sea is just one of the elements that make Villa Conchiglia, a short distance from the village of Castro Marina, a precious gem in the panorama of the valuable properties of Salento.

The interior alternates typically Mediterranean influence and contemporary fine design details. Huge windows let in light and air of the sea, persuading you that your awakening occurs exactly on the shore on a fine and comfortable bed.

Accesso al mare villa Conchiglia
Accesso al mare villa Conchiglia
Stanza vista mare Villa Conchiglia
Stanza vista mare Villa Conchiglia

The sea is never lost of sight, in any of its seating areas with sofas and pillows inside the house and outside terraces.

Access to the sea leads to a cove beach with loungers and umbrellas.

If you are a sea view enthusiast,
also enjoy  this homes with pool
overlooking the sea

Villa Grecale swimming pool (14)


We had already talked about the precious house Rivamarina giving you some ideas to decorate with your home with style 

Now we will tell you more: it is a house with excellent panoramic position overlooking the Adriatic sea, and with a direct access to it by a gate that leads from the property to a rocky cove.

The garden borders the maritime domain, allowing you to breathe the breeze even when you are not with your feet in the water.

From the sun terrace, from the cove, from the garden, the contact with the sea is all-encompassing. 

 Villa Mariner

The lightness and simplicity to descend from home to the shore only wearing a swim-suit, shorts and flip-flops, maybe holding a coffee or a glass of prosecco, is a privilege also granted to those who stay in the beautiful Villa Mariner.

In the hottest hours of the day, its Mediterranean garden and its huge terrace lounge are actually so tempting and relaxing to keep you away for a while from the comfortable bay accessible from the property.

This villa is in the area of Castro Marina. From here, the scenic coastline road invites us to get up to Santa Maria di Leuca, driving or cycling along the most pleasant 20 km of Salento.

Villa Le Macchie

The beautiful coast of Santa Maria di Leuca also offers the residence Villa Le Macchie, that among fragrant vegetation, vaulted ceilings and panoramic views of the sea and surrounding villages provides you with the supply of air, light and chrome / aroma therapy for an entire year.

Direct access to the sea unfolds on a gently sloping and curve step way in a cool pine forest, rich in natural flavours, leading to a small rocky and concrete platform, whose side falls directly in the crystal sea.

Which one do you prefer? Where would you like to stay to have a direct and exclusive contact with the sea of Salento?