Home and Wellness: The 5 INTERIOR MUST HAVE

Home and Wellness: The 5 INTERIOR MUST HAVE

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Throughout the year or for a few days when we are away on holiday, there are some home elements of undisputed wellness. Let’s find them together

We like to talk about homes and well-being and the close and very important relationship between the two.

home and wellness: 5 interior must have
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The choice of the interior, from the general home setting to small and simple details, should never be casual and cannot be entrusted just to aesthetics, much less just to mere functionality.

There are in fact elements and furniture choices that have been proven to have positive effects on mind, stress management and therefore on the whole biochemistry of health and resistance to disease.

Let’s see five essential elements in each home, big or small, for your psycho-physical well-being, that everyone can have and that you can easily look for when you choose your travel accommodation.

A corner to get bored… or for the contemplation

salotto living room villa flo - salento
Villa Flo – Santa Maria di Leuca – booking@salentodolcevita.com

Let’s start from element that no one expects. Well yes, it is scientifically proven that the “boredom” moments are good, where by boredom we mean those moments when you are given the luxury of doing nothigng.

They say 15 minutes a day of contemplative boredom helps sleep and anxiety management.

Try to create a corner where there’s no computer or tv and where internet wi-fi doesn’t work. This is a trick to stop reading mails or checking messages and social networks.
Create a small space where you can “look out” a wide landscape, like a sofa next to the window or a sitting room on the balcony. 

Bookshelf, pharmacy for the soul

Casa Goccia, Tiggiano, Salento - booking@salentodolcevita.com
Casa Goccia, Tiggiano, Salento – booking@salentodolcevita.com

A book shelf where we order the books we have read gives a sense of satisfaction, it’s like having some small accomplished goals in front of us, some things started and done.

Having a corner with books still to read instead increases the expectation, curiosity and helps to make an abstract project not necessarily aimed at work, money, a specific material end.

Many researches have shown that reading is good for memory, for the prevention of senile diseases, from increasing our creative potential to serotonin production, which helps in fighting or preventing sleep disorders and managing stress.

Well, a beautiful and well-integrated bookcase with furniture is a memory stick, an elegant version of a pharmacy for the soul.


We have already spoken in a previous article about all the benefits of having figurative art at home.

Even a short period of vacation and distraction from everyday life, living in an environment where art is ubiquitous can help a lot in managing stress and anxiety in “normal routine” periods, due to the biochemical effects generated by the aesthetics, discovery, observation.

Big garden and small interior green spaces


Accesso mare casa Rivamarina
Accesso mare casa Rivamarina

We also devoted a whole post to the usefulness of a garden, even when it is small and organized inside the home.

From the sense of care to the sensory hyper-stimulation, spending a period in a house surrounded by a large garden is really a hint for adults and children.

But also green spaces organized within the domestic walls can be useful in regenerating and treating home-based oxygen (in particular, prefer aloe vera – also useful for making excellent beauty masks) and plants with aromatic leaves such as Basil, mint, sage, lavender, also because they are very useful and versatile in the kitchen.

Ornamental plants, such as orchids, have a beneficial impact on the air and the spirit. (Avoid keeping highly scented plants inside the home because they seem to disturb sleep and alter its balance).

Sea air

ville con accesso diretto al mare del Salento
Accesso mare Villa Conchiglia

As a matter of fact, not all of us can have a house near the sea.

However, taking a few days in a house by the sea or in the vicinity of the coast can be a great gift for your health because of the mineral salts present in the air and that we can assimilate in breathing.

Assimilating sodium, magnesium, iodine and potassium through breathing or contact with the skin helps respiratory health and cell regeneration.

Discover some homes with direct access to the sea in the beautiful Salento.