The most charming ancient villas in Salento

The most charming ancient villas in Salento

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Imagine your next vacation, your next break from the daily grind.

Imagine your immersion in the sun and in the air of the sea and the Mediterranean perfumes, away from the city and from the rhythms of a winter that will end in a few weeks.

Salento is a popular destination for many and a communication channel between your desire for fun and the desire of absolute, peaceful, relax.

Finally, imagine that you are already here, in the Mediterranean spring smells.

What would you choose: a villa overlooking the sea or a historic home? A terrace with swimming pool between the evergreens or a house with retro interior and whitewashed walls?

If you can’t choose, you’ll be pleased to know that choosing is not necessary, because Salento is rich in historic houses that enclose all the above mentioned variants and much, much more.

Today we’ll outline 5 of them, but you can ask us to learn and see more!

Casa Artes

Casa Artes - residenza storica con piscina nel salento
Casa Artes –

Casa Artes is a beautiful building of the 1500s era, a few meters from the main square of an ancient and characteristic local Messapian center rich in history and culture, and just a 10-minute drive from Otranto.

The elements that determine its great charm are its stone fireplaces, vaulted and barrel ceilings over the spacious rooms, decorated in a minimalist syet sophisticated style.

The interior is rich in modern design and classic lines, where art accompanies discreetly but lively all rooms.

The predominance of white for the interior elegantly matches with soft colors and the presence of large windows gives brightness and depth to various environments.

Casa Artes has maintained its original structure; the authenticity of this historic building has been preserved thanks to a careful restoration that has kept intact its original characteristics while enhancing with the modernest amenities.

Needless to deny that one of the major attractions is the long pool, which drives like a blue street to one of the large windows.

Villa Palmento

Villa Palmento Garden swimming pool - salento
Villa Palmento –

Villa Palmento is located in the quiet and unique historical center of Specchia Gallone, the center of a constellation of points of interest between the sea (10 km from Porto Badisco, and little more from the beautiful sandy beaches of Otranto), the picturesque Santa Caesarea and medieval Castro.

Villa Palmento is a old Mediterranean home that has been subjected to a careful work of enhancement and recovery of ancient and traditional architectural elements of the original structure.

Oriental antiques and contemporary interior design give it elegance and originality.

Among niches becoming relaxation corners, four-poster beds with white curtains, rustic details interspersed with industrial style, enjoying the interior is as beautiful as enjoying the olive trees garden with swimming pool.

Casa Opunzia

casa opunzia - dimora storica salento
Casa Opunzia –

Ideal for sea view fans, Casa Opunzia house has a typically Mediterranean style of furniture and décor.

The location is even more attractive, since this residence is set in the picturesque historic center of Gallipoli.

In the shaded terrace, accessed by internal staircase, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea;
indeed the housing part is as much interesting: the restoration and enhancement work has made the most of the typical rounded spaces of this ancient house, creating interior elements of stone and lime, set in the rooms.

The vintage fans will be delighted by very lively and vibrant furniture.

Casa Pagoda

1 Casa Pagoda Hallway (2)

Travellers who are not immune to the magnetic charm of the historic city of Lecce will find their  opportunities to better enjoy the old part of the city through some beautiful historic houses.

These include Casa Pagoda, a few steps from the famous Piazza Duomo, one of the few places closed on three sides of Italy.

Casa Pagoda furnished roof terrace dining table (4)
Casa Pagoda –

Precious details from the 60s and 70s alternate with contemporary solutions, such as the loft studio and the modern and functional kitchen.

All this, set on a fine mosaic floor, hallmark of the historical houses in the old centers of Salento.

Start the day with coffee and a pasticciotto on the large terrace is the first step of the total Salento experience.

Palazzo Ferras

Palazzo Ferras - dimore storiche nel Salento
Palazzo Ferras –

Palazzo Ferras is a valuable structure of the XVI century. The preciousness of this mansion can be listed up with location (in the beautiful village of Muro Leccese, not far away from the sea of Otranto), its swimming pool by the oblong shape surrounded by a garden with pergolas and fresh grass, Contemporary comfort and its interior where design favors and enhances the ancient style of the structure.

Light enters from every angle, from every window.

The atmosphere is magical both in the hours of light in the evening and the magic is given by a set of smells of Mediterranean vegetarion, sounds of the countryside and water and, of course, by the details of interior arranged with care, leaving nothing to chance.