6 App that you’ll find very useful during your trip to Puglia

6 App that you’ll find very useful during your trip to Puglia

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Puglia Experience is something to do and to live with all five senses.

You can really taste its charm only by paying attention to the heat of the sun and the chill of the north wind on your skin, breathing the mixed vegetation smells and  the aromas of local cuisine that will chase you in the streets.

You can’t just portray Puglia and share it on social networks, you must live it to fully love it and make it yours.

Despite this premise, we tried for you some Apps that can be very useful  during your holiday in Puglia, helping you choose the places to visit from time to time on the basis of scheduled events, of your favorite food or basing on what you most like in a given period.

Here we go with a selection of the best 6 free Apps we’ve found for you.

Sherazade, a travel storyteller.

sherazade puglia salento app

Named after the princess and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, this App available for Android and IOS has been created to accompany the travelers in Salento, with the stories of the ancient tradition. It is in fact a digital storyteller and narrative map: step by step, crossing love stories and struggles, work and daily life stories, curious anecdotes and ancient legends.

The application notifies the traveler the actual location on the map and suggests listening to stories set in those places. Tales are told by  the voice of the characters of the story, be it real or imaginary: peasants and noblemen, monks and warriors, mermaids, and tarantate, etc.

Our suggestion is to listen to the stories and, as soon as possible, ask something more about them to a book seller, the landlord of the place where you lodge or to the waiter of the place where you eat the local cuisine.

If you like local folk tales and legends, you can read more about the Salento tales here

Eventi Puglia

app puglia

Puglia, especially in summer, is a melting pot of events, festivals rich in taste and authenticity, colors, flavors and sounds. The events are so many that it is easy to run into any of them by accident, and really hard to choose the best suited to your interests.

The App Eventi Puglia allows you to find ways to live a little local nightlife close to your accomodtion, or lets you use filters to choose the appointment most suitable to your cultural, food and wine, art tastes.

AdriaticoIonio to choose the best sea

app viaggio puglia

This App has achieved much success since the early years of its launch especially among people of Salento and then also among tourists. In fact, during the summer the inhabitants of Salento are always struggling with a Hamlet-like doubt: Adriatic or the Ionian Sea? This is the question!
Actually, depending on the wind (north or south wind) you can know which seaside will be calmer and clearer.

Since the App was launched, locals have been posting real-time images of the sea on this Social-App, making the choice even easier.

The App also helps you choose the local routes, the best beaches, the beach events, all reviewed and shown in real time by users.

Find your perfect accomodation for your trip to Salento 

La puglia è servita

This App is a 18 years old handbook, always apdated. Loved by gourmets, it offers a fine selection of restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, typical food.

Read more about local best street food

rustico leccese

Wheel map

Unlike the previous, Wheelmap is a German App, valid and useful in every part of the world.

It is a Open source map, implemented by users, showing all accessible routes of a given territory. Lately the accessible areas of Lecce were surveyed by locals during a public event named Smart Hackathon, sponsored by Movidabilia, active in implementing the accessibility of cultural and free time places, and the City of Lecce.

With Wheelmap you can upgrade through the paths and take advantage of those already mapped. Here you can see the tourist accessibility map of Lecce.

MyPuglia – Multilanguage Offline guide

One of the main problems of oversea travelers is the 3G and the internet availability.

Thanks to the map MyPuglia, the problem is solved, since  it is a detailed online and offline map, run by locals. The maps are also very light (about 20 MB). You can also take advantage of “Amerigo”, a system that will suggest what to do depending on your location and time of day and the weather.

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free app for apulia

From the App you can also book in the surveyed restaurants. The guide is available entirely in Italian, Czech, English, German, Russian, Spanish.

This Apps are a great resource for your apulian stay, but don’t forget that here, asking locals is always the very best “App” to find any answer and to get the best out of your experience!