Pristine oasis: 7 magnificent beaches of Salento

Pristine oasis: 7 magnificent beaches of Salento

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In Puglia you can easily feel like kings and queens, and enjoy the “luxury” and exclusivity of itineraries and wonderful places, no matter how much money you can or want to spend. There are indeed a number of free places and attractions where all you have to pay is the attention and the respect for the unspoiled nature. Among these treasures there are clear beaches scattered throughout the region, sometimes alternating with lidos, sometimes isolated, ideal for those who want to dive into nature and silence. Today we’ll tell you about some free beaches and some unspoiled islands of Salento.


FREE PRISTINE OASIS IN SALENTO FOR PINTEREST We are indicating here just 7 of them, a small number among the many free amazing beaches scattered alla round the peninsula. Those we are telling you about are the most pristine beaches, part of protected areas and particularly popular because of their “wildness”. BAIA DEI TURCHI baia dei turchi, vista mare dalla spiaggia First example not to be missed, on the Adriatic side of the Salento peninsula, there is Baia dei Turchi, where lidos are prohibited to preserve its incomparable landscape. This area is located just before Otranto and to get to the beach you have to leave your car in a parking es a few hundred meters away. So you can enter the nature of the pine forest that protects the coastline made of rocks and sand.

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 PORTO BADISCO If the reefs and rocks are not a problem for you and if you love to walk in the nature before you reach your destination to enjoy the sea, you must know that Porto Badisco has a wonderful free beach at the tip of Mediterranean fjord. The subsoil is characterized by rocks and caves that overlook the sea and that you can see even better while swimming.

Bellissima Villa non distante da Porto Badisco. Scrivici per prenotare.
Amazing villa, close to Porto Badisco. Write more for the info and locations:

IL CIOLO Further south, just before the Leuca neighborhood, there is the Ciolo. I’ll recommend it in particular in June and July because in August this place is very busy and finding a place could be stressful. The cove of pebbles surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation is dominated by a bridge of thirty meters from where the more adventurous and daring enjoy diving.

vista del ciolo

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BAIA DI PORTO SELVAGGIO The name (translatable as Wild port bay) is already a guarantee for this natural park. The Bay is reached by walking for about one kilometer in full of pine trees and Mediterranean bush. The costs that you will enjoy here is made of various storeys rocks and pebbles that touch the clear and pretty cool sea, due to the natural springs close to the coast. The experience does not end here, but continues exploring the beautiful backdrops and caves to swim to. vista porto selvaggio PUNTA PIZZO and PUNTA DELLA SUINA Although the town of Gallipoli is mainly known for the beautiful sea as (and especially) for the summer nightlife, there are also free locations and protected natural areas. Within a protected area called Regional Natural Park of the Island of San’ANdrea – Punta Pizzo, you’ll find the scenario of Punta Pizzo, which you can reach via a rich pine forest full of myrtle and rosemary scent. The sea is a transparent. Going south the sand gives way to the reefs of Punta della Suina, of great and remarkable beauty.

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We promised you also islets, didn’t we? We’ll tell you about two of them, the most loved! The first is the Isola dei Conigli (rabbits island), and the Isola di Sant’Andrea, part of the Park bearing the same name. The latter is a green strip of land in the Ionian Sea, two kilometers away from the mainland, characterized by a specific rare flora and fauna. But you can only visit it through organized tours since private ships mooring is no longer allowed to protect wildlife and the ecosystem. ISOLA DEI CONIGLI isola dei conigli If you visit the beautiful city of Porto Cesareo you can’t miss the opportunity to admire the beautiful Isola dei Conigli. The name (Rabbits’ island) comes after the ancient rabbits breeding, while today there is no more than a patch of green in the crystal blue Ionian. The sand that surrounds this island of just under three kilometers long and 400 meters wide is white and thin and is placed in the protected marina of Porto Cesareo, a paradise of biodiversity and variety of backdrops. You can get there by boat or pedal boat, but also swimming from the beaches in front of it, is not impossible. The best way to enjoy these havens is respecting and protecting them, without leving any trace of our passage, besides our energy and love for all this beauty.