Seaside villages: the charm of the villages overlooking the sea of Salento

Seaside villages: the charm of the villages overlooking the sea of Salento

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The seaside villages of Salento are the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday, an escape for a few days, a walk in the coolest hours of summer or milder in winter. Let’s get to know some of them together.


The charm of the walls touched by the salty sea drops, the intense light that is not found anywhere else in the world,  the noise and the view of the sea that accompanies both cold and summer days: the seaside cities have a special charm.

Even more than cities, the small seaside villages of Salento, Puglia, South Italy, look and feel exotic for their slow pace of life, a rhythm and thought that seems to follow the rustle of the sea.

Santa Maria di Leuca

vista aerea di santa maria di leuca e porto
vista aerea porto e città di Santa Maria di Leuca

City located at the extreme tip of the Salento peninsula, also called finis terrae, this small town overlooks two seas, the Ionian on the western side and the Adriatic Sea on the eastern one.

The point where the two seas meet offer a surreal spectacle: the currents create a real and visible border, where the intensity and the type of color of the water also changes, something that the Salento people know very well but that looks like a magic alchemy for visitors. 

In the center of the town stands the Church of Cristo Re while, located on the Japigeo promontory, the Basilica of Santa Maria De Finibus Terrae, an ancient temple of Minerva.

We suggest walking the path that leads from the Basilica to the old port, very suggestive and through which you can see the beautiful nineteenth-century villas in liberty and Moorish style.



Gallipoli Città Vecchia


We will never get talk enough about Gallipoli, and we would never get tired of enjoying it.

Gallipoli has a white dress, almost an oriental disguise, thus maintaining a fresh lightness throughout the year and her soft colors.

Some villages have one or more squares, parks and benches as places of contemplation.

Here, there is also the light yellow sandy beach which can be accessed directly from the walls of the center.

Local port is also a place full of charm, a little glam and a little decadent.

The fishermen and their nets to unravel are close to beautiful restaurants and not far from the fish market, one of the most beautiful in Italy. Here you can enjoy an aperitif with freshly caught fish and local white wine.

The center of Gallipoli il well connected to other wonderful stretches of coast, thus keeping you close to other small villages such as Santa Caterina with wilder areas, such as Porto Selvaggio.

These are the areas in which we strongly recommend you book your holiday home, as in the case of the fascinating solutions represented by Villa Keyra, and Villa Regina, one km from Santa Caterina.

villa salento facciata coperta da edera su mura bianche
Villa Regina,CIS: LE07505291000005178
villa keyra, Porto Selvaggio
villa keyra, CIS: LE07505291000008140 keyra

Santa Cesarea Terme 

vista santa cesarea terme
Santa Cesarea Terme

santa cesarea terme piscine naturali


Less than three thousand souls village, this skyline is one of a kind, perched on a cliff overlooking a marvelous crystalline sea, observed from Moorish-style villas and terraced buildings.

In the upper part of the village, we recommend that you take the beautiful road surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub and among the typical Aleppo pines up to the Belvedere.

To better enjoy the landscape, become part of it, wake up and go to sleep with the unrepeatable view of this coast, it is possible to book for the view apartment with direct access to the sea, part of a building from the early 1900s.

casa vista mare salento
Il Loggiato, CIS: LE07507291000008722


castro marina - vista
Castro Marina
Villa Le Sciarre, accesso provato al mare_pieds dans l'eau. Castro
Villa Le Sciarre, accesso provato al mare_pieds dans l’eau. Castro – CIS: LE07509691000007681

Castro has already been defined one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and here we tell you some interesting curiosities about this must visit place.

What makes Castro a place of incredible interest is the combination of historical and architectural aspects, bound to its Cathedral, the Castle with belvedere and the local port, and for the beauty of the sea caves.

Place of exploration and great environmental interest, the landscape of this village leaves you spellbound.

Both of these aspects have a privileged access from Villa Le Sciarre, a splendid villa with direct access between rocks and inlets.

Accesso al mare, Villa Le Sciarre, Castro
Accesso al mare, Villa Le Sciarre, Castro – CIS: LE07509691000007681


We hope this itinerary gave you inspiration and new travel ideas.

We are here to help you find the ideal home for your trip to the wonders of Salento.