Direct access to the sea: the ideal homes to rent for summer 2021

Direct access to the sea: the ideal homes to rent for summer 2021

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Villas in Salento, Puglia, with direct access to the sea: charming solutions  in contact with the main element of this land.


Villas with direct access to the sea are already setting a trend for summer 2021:
the chance to peacefully enjoy private spaces allowing you to breathe sea air, the fresh breeze coming from the sea twenty-four hours a day, is already a trend in the travel and vacation field.

Today we’ll show you four charming solutions: 4 villas to rent in Salento, ideal for those who want to book their corner of paradise and start dreaming about it. 

Villa Nova: swimming in the pool and diving into the sea

villa in affitto in salento - villa nova - piscina vista mare
Villa Nova
villa in affitto in salento - villa nova - piscina vista mare
Villa Nova

The freedom to live all your time in contact with the sea, both from a visual and tactile point of view, is granted by Villa Nova, overlooking the strip of sea at the final tip of Salento.

Marina di Novaglie, a picturesque village not far from Santa Maria di Leuca, the final point of Puglia, encloses this house of great beauty also offering proximity to restaurants and clubs.

Therefore ideal for those who, during their stay, also want to enjoy the privilege of forgetting the car.

The interior spaces offer a constant contact with the blue of the sea or the sky thanks to very large windows and the sea view pool adds an extra touch to this privileged place.

CIS: LE07502891000008445

Villa Le Macchie: the perfume of Mediterranea bush

The reason why Villa Le Macchie has an enormous charm lies not only in the direct access on the rocks that lead to the sea of Capo di Leuca, but also on the variegated Mediterranean scrub that surrounds its internal and external spaces.

villa nel Salento - piscina villa le macchie
Villa Le Macchie
salento accesso privato al mare
Accesso privato al mare, villa Le Macchie

Access to the sea is convenient, and the path that leads from the villa to the sea is full of inspiration, because it crosses a small private garden / wood, a small terrace with a private swimming pool, hence ladders carved into the rock.

Villa le Macchie: CIS – LE07502491000005627

Villa Conchiglia: wake up, Italian espresso and feet in the sea

ville con accesso diretto al mare del Salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso –
Stanza vista mare Villa Conchiglia –

Imagine waking up and having the sight, smell and sound of the sea as your first daily feelings.

This is exactly what happens at Villa Conchiglia, a villa for rent for your exclusive holidays in Salento, whose shaded patio will welcome your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, before allowing you to reach the sea of Salento in a few steps.

Villa Conchiglia : CIS: LE07503591000007464

Villa Turchese: charming home on the Golden beach of Puglia

villa in affitto gallipoli accesso diretto al mare Villa Turchese
Villa Turchese

Ideal for those who dream of the beach, Villa Turchese is the best destination for those looking for a holiday in a villa by the sea in Puglia and for those who have, among their archetypes of well-being, the possibility of putting their feet in the soft sand of Salento at any time of day.

A cove on crystalline water close to the Gulf of Taranto, with maximum privacy and a widespread sense of peace.

Villa Turchese : CIS  TA07302291000012313

You can already look for your corner of peace and beauty in Salento; waiting for  your stay will be a panacea for the spirit.