How to organize a family trip (with children and teenagers)

How to organize a family trip (with children and teenagers)

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They say when you have children, especially young children, you stop traveling; We know that’s far from the truth. In fact, it’s the contrary.

When you have kids, you can see the places with new eyes, with a simpler soul.
When you have young children you return to get excited about a little things such as a different tree, a strange house along the streets of a country town, a crystal clear sea and silence.

A family with kids, whether children or adolescents, is a puzzle of different personalities, with different rhythms and needs, and traveling together is a great school of life as well as a potential source of fun and strengthening ties.

Here are some tips to better enjoy a family trip, with young children or teenagers, from the choice of destination to preparation, from the departure to coming back.

How to choose the destination

hot to organize a perfect family trip with kids and teens
ph niv rozenberg – unsplash

The choice of the destination to visit depends on many factors and, while choosing, it is good that all these elements are cleared.

From the economic aspect to the time available, from the physical energies of each person to personal preferences, from the places already visited to the available activities, you can write everything on a paper scheme so that, when proposing the destinations everyone keeps in mind the needs of all the others and the contingencies.

This will be a great group life lesson.

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Empowering and sharing tasks 

Unless children are really young, it is better for everyone to take responsibility and prepare their own suitcases. Parents should be in charge to of everything!
Just take a look and a check as an “advisor” to help your family members (spouse included) to take charge of their luggage.

This is the first lesson of the journey: everyone in life is responsible for their personal baggage.

Prefer a home rather than a hotel

casa con terrazza in affitto - casa galata, santa maria di leuca, salento
Casa Galata, Santa Maria di Leuca –

Choosing a home instead of a hotel, when possible, brings a number of advantages: from being able to cook at home to enjoying some more hours of rest before resuming to exploring out again.

You can experience the destination as a home-like place but in an exotic, new place.

You can also share activities while staying within the confines of the property, allowing everyone to recover energies without getting bored.

For example, a home with a pool  or a big garden or a masseria farm allow you to do many activities together even without going away.

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Villa Rita -
Villa Rita –

Book in advance

By booking travel and accommodation with several weeks (or, even better, months) in advance you can not only “be more quiet”, but also live the waiting together, make the journey become part of a family vocabulary that will be remembered forever .

It will be possible to start making great expectations and itineraries. Obviously if you book with large advance, it is the case to prefer the possibility of

stipulate an assurance

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Assign tasks

come organizzare bene un viaggio con figli piccoli o adolescenti
ph steven cleghorn – unsplash

The empowerment of which we talked about in relation to the suitcases can be a wonderful game to do also during the trip. With due flexibility and mutual cooperation, it would be nice if everyone were “responsible” for something.

Someone is responsible for cooking (which does not mean that only one person cooks but he / she will coordinate the activity), someone else will take care of the photographs (maybe the teenage daughter who is passionate about selfie and social networks), someone coordinates the logistics and someone looks for places and places to eat.

If you do not stay too rigid and you live it like a game, it can be a useful and fun practice.

Have you ever taken a family trip? What did you do to make it unique?

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