All the taste of Salento in 3 sister-houses

All the taste of Salento in 3 sister-houses

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3 beautiful villas that contain all the characteristics of Salento,
in Santa Maria di Leuca

It is no secret that the accommodation for our trip teaches us a lot about a destination and that is why many travelers take great care to choose and book in advance the right holiday home.

starting from this year and included in the price, SalentoDolceVita offers, to all customers who book one of our facilities, an insurance policy to cover a possible cancellation / modification penalty for unintentional and unforeseeable causes at the time of booking.

In particular there are houses, built from scratch or renovated, that better tell the whole essence of a territory and make it live to 360 degrees.

SalentoDolceVita has some pearls of this kind to propose for your next trip, such as what we call “The Three Sisters”, that is, three villas in the wonderful area of Santa Maria di Leuca that containa good part of the emotions that Salento can give and the elements you will remember forever.


Villa Rita – Santa Maria di Leuca –

The sea of Santa Maria di Leuca is by far one of the most beautiful stretches of sea and costs in the Mediterranean area. Its characteristics of shades of blue and the currents of the meeting of two seas (Ionian and Adriatic) are more than known.

Villa Elia, Villa Giada and Villa Rita were created in such a way as to expose the entire relax area, with large and comfortable patios and solarium overlooking the blue expanse of the sea.

And country view

villa rita - campagna e mare - santa maria di Leuca
Villa Rita –

The Salento countryside, whether wild or cultivated, has strong and characteristic smells; the sun and the salty air give to the earth and to the plants of the  aromas that is unrepeatable in any other part of the world. Well, before the sea, both for the eyes and for all the other senses, the three sisters offer you a great countryside and vegetation where you can walk, play, sit and rest.

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Dry Stone walls

Villa Elia – Santa Maria di Leuca –

You’ll hear about the dry stone walls of Salento, typical territorial tract that arises from practical needs (many stones and the need to divide the properties of endless lands in an endless plain); this element remains both in the practical life of the countryside and in the design of the exterior and you will find it in all its royal beauty to protect Villa Elia and to break the blue of the sky as an artificial horizon.

Precious simplicity 

Together with the dry stone walls, the whole soul of Salento has preserved its rustic simplicity, making it become precious treasures.

Like the Salento cuisine, poor and tasty, natural and healthy.

This is the most modern local taste, which furnishes spaces enriching them with simple things, such as essential furniture in olive root (sacred tree in this area), pallets, lime decorations, stone and tadelak, ancient stone and marble objects also reused today like the lavatories of Villa Rita.

The emotion of sleeping in a trullo

Have you ever slept in a trullo? Villa Giada offers you, in a single housing solution, the beauty of a farm, a villa with sea view, a solarium and … even a trullo where to sleep, recreated with the ancient engineering of and designed with the most modern comforts and the most elegant furnishings.

Villa Giada –

In which of the Three Sisters of Santa Maria di Leuca would you like to spend your holiday in Salento?

Book now! SalentoDolceVita offers insurance coverage in case of cancellation.