Salento: special kitchens for special holidays

Salento: special kitchens for special holidays

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There are people who can relax by practicing some sports, those who need a swim, those who prefer to get their rest on a beach.

And then there are those who can’t renounce cooking to relax and concentrate… or just to forget the world around.

Assuming that there are houses and beautiful places where you can do all these things in the same spaces, such as the beautiful houses you’ll read about in the following lines, today we want to focus on cooking and kitchens and to pay attention to design of this magical place.

A sacred place for many, in which creativity and gluttony walk together, in which the care for oneself and others passes from your hands.

If you are planning a trip to Salento and would like to learn the secrets of Salento cuisine, consider the idea of doing real cooking classes in your holiday home, held local cooks.
The beauty of this immersive experience will be made richer by the kitchens of our villas amid the smells of the Mediterranean scrub and the sea.

Eco-compatible materials

villa rita_sMariaLeuca
Villa Rita, Santa Maria di Leuca, Cucina.

Between villas and farms with sea view, it will not be difficult to find houses whose kitchens come from a peasant past, now adapted to the most modern design but keeping the main past local elements: stone, wood, almost total absence of harmful materials and chemical glues.

Health is not just what you eat but also what you breathe.

As in the case of the economic kitchen restored and brought back to life in Villa Rita: a set of goodies for those who love design in the most harmonious and pleasing contaminations of poor art and industrial style.

Lively colors 

Smells and light run along with pastel colors that from the kitchen space to the dining room, where guests and diners can relax to enjoy what your culinary imagination has produces.

Simplicity is luxury in the lands of Salento, where we are used to charm with small things.
In villas created with typical materials of the area, with very high ceilings and walls in stone and lime, a niche in the wall with the right exposure to have a cellar that naturally recreates the right temperatures for the wines, such as it takes place in Villa Giada, Santa Maria di Leuca.

assicurazione(1)starting from this year and included in the price, SalentoDolceVita offers, to all customers who book one of our facilities, an insurance policy to cover a possible cancellation / modification penalty for unintentional and unforeseeable causes at the time of booking.

Kitchen with sea view 

A baroque and rich furniture here. Simplicity is enough, because everything is enriched by the smells of the Mediterranean scrub and by the view of the sea, which you can admire while preparing breakfast or a good Sunday lunch.

Villa Elia and Villa Giada, offer a kitchen from which you can admire the sea of Santa Maria di Leuca but also keep under your eyes many other areas of the house such as the garden, the common room, the patio for moments of relax.

And you, what kind of kitchen space would you like for your holiday home?