Visiting Salento in September: things you need to know

Visiting Salento in September: things you need to know

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Salento in September is an increasingly recommended choice. Here are some answers for those who embrace the hypothesis of going to Salento in September (and, more specifically, for those who want to come to Salento in late September)

August in Salento is always very warm and quite crowded; the chance of the September travelers, especially in the case of those who come to Salento at the end of September, is living a holiday that … tastes like a real travel, a more complete experience of all the aspects offered by this land.

The mild climate, the possibility of enjoying less crowded beaches, still active and performing seaside services, it is like being on holiday in the height of summer … but with some more privileges.

otranto a settembre

The climate and weather of Salento in September

If in August we often get above 37 Celsius degrees, the average temperatures in September are around 17-20 minimum and 27-30 maximum.

September is not a month characterized by strong winds, but mostly by humid weather and low pressure, which means that both sides of the sea have calm and very crystalline waters.

If in the first ten days of the month the climate follows the wake of August; it is indeed from the second week and especially at the end of September that Salento gives more privileges to those who choose this destination:

In fact, it is easier to choose from day to day and from hour to hour if you want to stay on the beach or if you want to visit one of the many villages, among the most beautiful in Italy, or if you want to have a brunch or aperitif overlooking the sea or in the city;

in the hottest months and weeks of the summer there are hours of the day, from 11.00 to 17.00, when walking in any place that is not overlooking the sea becomes really challenging. This does not happen at the end of September, when the climate is mild like a second spring – but with a warmer sea water – , and it is possible to enjoy a walk in the city or a “shopping stroll” at any time of day.

Salento in September and Salento in late September is the right choice for those who, in addition to the sea, also really want to explore villages, cities, museums and experience a journey and not just a holiday.

Villa vista mare accesso mare salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso –

Salento in September: where to go and what to see

The advantages of September and especially of the third and fourth week of the month is that it is much easier to choose a villa for rent respecting your real needs and expectations.

We recommend thinking about your accommodation based on the main needs of the trip and the group:
If the intent is to go to the sea and a few days or at certain times of the day, visit some villages, a solution overlooking the coast would be ideal.

salento a fine settembre
Villa Le Querce, Otranto – Torre dell’Orso

There are many villas for rent in Salento strategically positioned to allow you to decide each time the day’s programs: from the sea, to the city, from museums to the countryside … or to stay and enjoy a private swimming pool in the greenery more wild.

The destinations we recommend, if you come to Salento in September:

  • Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Torre dell’Orso 
  • Otranto
  • Gallipoli
  • Santa Caterina
  • Lecce
vista aerea di santa maria di leuca e porto
vista aerea porto e città di Santa Maria di Leuca
Piscina villa Sunset -
Piscina villa Sunset – Santa Maria di Leuca –

Salento in late September

The advantages of a holiday in Salento at the end of September deserve a separate space.

In many areas of Italy and Europe, in fact, the month of September and in particular its last weeks is associated with autumn; generally, here in Salento, there is no perception of the arrival of autumn before the second-third week of October.

In late September in Salento you will still see locals taking a break from work at the seaside, or going for a bath in the warm and pleasant water at the end of the day.

The seaside areas are experiencing a particularly magical moment, because they are not very full of tourists but still have a lot of vitality and the services are still active.

Salento villages in September belong to locals and to slow travelers.

degustazione vino salento
Dettaglio Villa Elia
Palazzo tre Cuori – Santa Maria di Leuca

In short…

  • the climate and the wider possibility of choice give the opportunity to more easily transform a holiday into a journey, made of sea and relaxation but also of a lot of culture;
  • Fantastic aperitifs and dinners overlooking the sea, with mild and cool evenings after hot days but without exaggerating;
  • The costs for reservations are obviously lower;
  • There is more choice for the accommodation that best suits your real needs.