Charming house with courtyard and swimming pool in Salento, Puglia

Charming house with courtyard and swimming pool in Salento, Puglia

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A house with courtyard and swimming pool in one of the magical historic centers of Salento, a short way from the beautiful coasts of Marina di Andrano. All the advantages and suggestions of Casa Canonica

Salento offers far more than kilometers of diversified coastline, made up of beaches and cliffs, secret coves; Salento, in Puglia, is also land of postcard villages and historic centers.

Today we’ll let you know more about Andrano, its wonderful coastal area and the logistical privileges offered by Casa Canonica, a beautiful holiday home with garden and swimming pool in Salento.

Andrano and Marina di Andrano

andrano casa centro storico

The village of Andrano holds, in its streets and in its historic center, the secrets of an ancient and particular history; Its picturesque center, today an ideal place for photographs, walks, cultural exploration, was in fact created in the 5th century AD, by the survivors of the destruction of the ancient Casale di Cellino.

Among the architectural outposts we find the Castle, a fortification of the thirteenth century, and the particular Church dedicated to Sant’Andrea Apostolo, dating back to the eighteenth century, with a Latin cross plan and whose interior houses some examples of local sacred art in papier-mâché.

vista dalla terrazza cento storico
Vista del Centro storico dalla terrazza
Casa Canonica
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Not far away we find the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie; it seems to be a votive building to thank the virgin for having protected the country from the Turkish advance.

The yellow walls, the large urban areas that receives sun for most of the day and the ancient noble buildings make this village a silent and interesting pearl, suitable for those looking for beauty and discretion and, not least, a wonderful coast.

In fact, a few kilometers from the town you can reach the Marina di Andrano area, a breathtaking coastal road that leads from Castro Marina to Tricase.

Coast suitable for those who want a crystal clear sea, those who love snorkeling and admiring caves on the sea.

In this context, Casa Canonica is a privileged holiday home you’ll love.

Tradition and modern mood

casa vacanze con giardino e piscina
Casa Canonica

From a small street in the historic center, you enter a portal that hides a living pearl combining modernity and colors with ancient local building techniques.

All immersed in a large and green garden, difficult to imagine when you see the external portal (this is also a typical and dear feature of the stately homes of Salento).

casa vacanze con giardino e piscina
Casa Canonica

The entrance is right next to the church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo and in front of the Castle.

A skilful restoration has kept the architectural characteristics of the ancient buildings unaltered, such as the beautiful whitewashed walls and large vaulted ceilings, while the comfort, furnishings and décor are absolutely contemporary, highly sought after and of great charm.

This harmonious contrast makes this holiday home in Salento privileged not only for its position but also for the sensations it transmits, including surprise, inspiration and comfort.

Swimming pool and private garden a few kilometers from the Salento coast

casa vacanze con giardino e piscina

The garden is a hidden and unexpected gem: large, full of greenery, areas shaded by well-tended vegetation that is reflected in the private pool.

casa vacanze con giardino e piscina

The pool design concept recalls a private pond in a nymphaeum, making this the ideal and dreamed place for fresh awakenings with swims before breakfast, afternoons of reading, contemplation and silence, peaceful evenings by the pool.

All this just a few kilometers from the most beautiful Salento coasts.

castro marina - vista
Castro Marina


Grotta Verde Andrano Marina/ via Lungomare delle Agavi


Find out more about Casa Canonica e contact us to find the holiday home that best suits your dream of charm and relaxation.