Livingrooms over the sea: the design of relax and beauty in Salento

Livingrooms over the sea: the design of relax and beauty in Salento

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5 examples of outdoor living rooms designed to make the sea a kind of furniture, a constant company for the soul

While winter time is melting away, the desire for spring and the waiting of the summer to come rise up again in all of us.
We start thinking about summer destinations to spend a few days in contact with what is defined as the most economical health treatment in the world, ie the sea.
In those places where the sea is part of the collective imagination, in those fortunate geographical areas where you can get up on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday afternoon and take a walk to the sea, many aspects of life are built around the sea itself and to its rituals.
Among these aspects, there is also the home design.

Today we talk about some beautiful houses in Salento that not only overlook the sea, offering the view from different angles and rooms, but also have spaces between “open” and “closed” designed to be the living rooms in which , in addition to walls and furnishings, there is the sea as a key element.

Villa Conchiglia – Castro

terrazza conchiglia - castro -salento
Villa Conchiglia –

The beauties of Villa Conchiglia, overlooking the beautiful blue sea of Castro, are best shown in its bright spaces and a several sea views, leitmotiv and constant companionship, which can also be reached by direct access.

To crown the idea of the sea with furniture concept, we find a lounge terrace, with tufa and lime seats set on dry stone walls that reflect the ancient structures of Salento and its terraces.

The sea-view is a wall that surrounds on 3 sides and keeps company like a fireplace in winter.

Casa Galata, Santa Maria di Leuca

salotto vista mare casa galata - santa maria di leuca
Casa Galata –

Not only the sea but the whole atmosphere of a Mediterranean garden is, instead, the furnishings of the seaside lounge recreated in Villa Galata, a villa in the beautiful scenery of Santa Maria di Leuca.

The space dedicated to a lunch or a dinner under a wooden and wicker canopy was not enough for designers and interior decorators who, together, wanted to think of a post-dinner relaxation area overlooking the sunset and the most beautiful sunrise over the sea in Italy

It is an example in which interior decoration moves its area of action in the external areas, transforming them from garden into living area, obviously for the days and the periods in which time allows its use.

Villa Castriota, Castro

At Villa Castriota, the green becomes ornament where the blue of the sky is going to be changeable wall and ceiling.

Long shaded areas, alternating with full length at any time of day, along with comfortable sofas.

Casa Sciaroccu

Now, let’s move to a totally different kind of housing: Casa Sciaroccu offers a wonderful immersion in the view of the sea, despite its location in the narrow streets of the historic center of vibrant Gallipoli.
Not a garden but a terrace that, to make the most of the presence of the sea, provides seating in the shade of a small pergola, a table and a visual game of roofs, terraces and bell towers that lead to the blue of one of the most popular and most beautiful stretches of coastline. Europe.

Il Loggiato, Santa Cesarea Terme

Il Loggiato - Santa Cesarea Terme -
Il Loggiato – Santa Cesarea Terme –

In Santa Cesarea Terme, thermal center and one of the most beautiful villages of Salento, we find what is the seaside lounge par excellence, that is the loggia of Casa Il Loggiato.
A large house overlooking the sea that takes its name from this classic and relaxing corner, as if the whole living concept, from the bright spaces to the interior had been choreographed around this balcony between shade and light.