Websites to find your design accommodation around the world

Websites to find your design accommodation around the world

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Design is now one of the elements that many globetrotter seek in their pilgrimages all over the world: architecture and home interior are now a real segment or “niche” of the wider TRAVEL sector.

Today we highlight 5 European websites through which you can choose great design accommodation for your next destination.

5 websites for your travel design accommodation - salentodolcevita
share it on pinterest is an English portal run by an association of designers and architects whose mission is to share the knowledge and awareness of modern architecture and its wonders to the general public and especially to travelers.
Thanks to this channel you can stay in several beautiful areas of the United Kingdom even at quite affordable costs (from 30 euros per person) in places of wonderful design.

Photo by Dan Gold
Photo by Dan Gold

Also Brit, The Modern House have their headquarters in London, but mainly propose country houses restructured by great designers throughout Europe. They are guarantee for those who have a very classy and demanding taste  both in terms of travel and design.

Costs are considerably higher than other groups, but the geographic choice is wider as wider is the choice of home-style interior and exterior architecture and design.

viaggi e design - quali portali consultare
ph. by gabriel beaudry

Urlaubarchitecture, Holiday architecture in the English translation, is a website that collects hotels and apartments in Europe (especially in the north) from particular architecture and design.

Having a nice house to rent is not enough to enter this network: the place to rent must have specific and special interior and construction criteria. Historical and modern buildings, with particular studies on sustainability, are what the addicted design traveler finds in this portal.

Obviously, it is not possible to talk about design related to your travel destination without mentioning the salentodolcevita portal, which turns the amazing Salento into a great Design Destination.

From spending your days in a renovated trullo with classic style and modern charms up to zero impact homes, passing through the total white and ultra modern style. The design made in Salento blends perfectly with the articulated universe of today’s architecture, where past traditions are an infinite source of inspiration for the most modern innovation.

Villa Morice - interior -
Villa Morice – interior –

On the other hand, is a real online reservation hub, somewhat like the super glamor version of Here it is possible for both travelers and those who have a home that meets some high-design criteria, to join the community and receive their reservations from here.

Thanks to these portals, you can also know and choose less-known destinations, which we would hardly find sponsored elsewhere.

In short, design is turning into a true alternative tourism attraction.