Green villas in the heart of Salento nature

Green villas in the heart of Salento nature

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An increasingly important feature in the accommodation choices of the most careful travelers is environmental sustainability.

Those who love design and look for tips and virtuous examples to follow in their travel destinations, pay close attention to building methods.

Let’s see some examples of amazing accommodation in the beautiful Salento, whose value is not only due to the beauty of the context in which these homes are located but also to the eco compatibility of the structures and the choices of green and non-harmful  materials.

Masseria Falchi, a total green concept.

Piscina masseria Falchi
Piscina masseria Falchi –

Immersed in the Salento countryside, just a few kilometers from the sea and the enchanting city of Lecce, Masseria Falchi is a small farmhouse with pool, recently restored.

Designed and manufactured with materials that allow thermal insulation, and equipped with solar panels and wind turbines for power supply.

We can say that this living space sums up all the energy optimization policies implemented in the area over the last few years.

The total green concept is also reflected in the presence of a garden available to guests, with seasonal vegetables and fruits to pick up.

On request you can ask for purchase of organic eggs, olive oil, mozzarella and ricotta from near by producers.

The art of sustainable interiors: Villa Caroma e Masseria Farnara

In the countryside of Ostuni, whose ancient white village is recognized among the most beautiful in the world, we find Villa Caroma, redesigned with lines and special materials by a renowned Italian designer.

This farm is located within the Torre Guaceto Park, in a land of almost 10,000 square meters, full of centuries-old olive trees.
If its 300 square meters, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and two beautiful verandas, a terrace overlooking the sea and the pool are of great appeal to travelers who love to pamper themselves in beauty, its interior is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who love the green and sustainable design.
They are spaces where the industrial style meets the well-being of natural building materials, “shabby chic” details that greet the ancient stone-style furnishings, made to be re-used, in hrmony with the most modern comforts.

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Between Castro and Otranto, nestled in an estate of five hectares of secular olive trees in the heart of Salento, Masseria Farnara rises, built according to the Salento tradition, but equipped with all the comforts of modern buildings.

Here, designers and architects have re-designing local ancient constructive practices, thus renewing a structure that keeps heat in winter and creates freshness in summer.

The interior style is characterized by the choice of craft furnishings made in wood and recycles material, respecting the original architectural features and the local culture.

The presence of furniture in natural materials, without formaldehyde and artificial glues and “poor” materials are a source of our health, to be re-launched in our choices of daily life.

Stone, the best green building practice: Villa Mediterranee

Beautiful villa overlooking the sea, immersed among olive trees and a well-kept Mediterranean garden, Villa Mediterranee is characterized by a  stone covering, according to an ancient local construction style, as in the case of trulli and pagghiare.

In these types of structure, thermal balancing and a very comfortable interior microclimate are the main attraction for the study of desigers and architects.

The stone comes in symbiosis with the surrounding nature, creating a well-being for the guest not only from the visual point of view but also for the quality of the breathed air.

Villa Mediterranee - Santa maria di leuca- Salentodolcevita
Villa Mediterranee – Santa Maria di Leuca-

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