Raw style, from Shangai to the deep south of Italy, Puglia.

Raw style, from Shangai to the deep south of Italy, Puglia.

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The beauty of the interior post industrial style, described in different ways in every part of the world.

In every part of the industrialized world and in every country that has experienced the development of the ’60s and’ 70s, there is – today – a particular focus on raw interior style.

Born by a mix of constructive needs and insights from designers and architects who, in the renovation of old abandoned  factories, created new spaces for the most modern needs (offices, co-working, hotels, even homes) have decided to leave some (or much more than some) rough details.

Let’s see some interesting examples, from the far east to the deep south of Puglia, which have made the post-industrial style a weapon of beauty and architectural seduction.

Let’s start with “WaterHouse at South Bund” in Shanghai.

WaterHouse at South Bund” di Shanghai.
WaterHouse at South Bund” di Shanghai.

We can feel the raw in the common areas of this charming hotel, where the exposed concrete and the brick floor are ingeniously matched with total black structural supports, modern lamps and stylish industrial furnishings.
The rooms, let’s admit it, have very little of raw posing more on a more reassuring modern and linear style.

The Wythe Hotel is much bolder, created in an old firm  in Williamsburg waterfront, New York.

wythe hotel, New York City - stile raw
wythe hotel, New York City

What remains of the old factory are red beams and bricks and beautiful glass and aluminum doors. The public areas, with 70’s design sofas, celebrate the sharing of living spaces of 19th-century workers.

Room Wythe hotel - NYC - stile raw

Room Wythe hotel – NYC

Wythe Outdoor garden - hotel raw
Wythe Outdoor garden

Let’s come to Italy, in Milan, at the heart of Italy’s industry and innovation.

An historic Milanese sawmill was fortunate enough to belong to the grandparents of the art director Tanja Solci, who created, in partnership with the cook Carlo Cracco, the gastro-bistrot Carlo e Camilla in Segheria.

gastro bistro carlo e camilla in segheria stile raw
gastro bistro Carlo e Camilla in segheria

A raw environment where takes place the theatrical match between the kitchen, old white porcelain and rough tables, surrounded by non-stuccoed concrete walls and overwhelmed by crystal chandeliers.

But what happens when the raw style is not in an urban area or in the former industrial suburbs? What is the magic and the strangeness of finding a raw style … immersed in a nature known for being among the most pristine and beautiful in Italy and Europe? 

Villa Caroma, Salento - booking@salentodocevita.com
Villa Caroma, Salento – booking@salentodocevita.com

Incredibly peculiar and special is the raw style of Villa Caroma, accommodation in the greenest heart of Salento.

Villa Caroma furnished covered Veranda near sleeping area (20)
Villa Caroma – booking@salentodolcevita.com

A villa whose architectural and interior concept is born and evolves around the “raw” style, as if it was a home improvement and refurbishment of an old factory, but with the insertion of shabby and industrial details in the purest sense, and with modern and more classic details, even “Nordic” ones.

Villa Caroma Double bedroom raw style
Villa Caroma – booking@salentodolcevita.com

Do you think you can’t see a masterpiece of comfort with all these details?
You’re mistaken.

In this spacious charming villa with pool and sea view from the solarium, designed by a renowned Italian artist, the main body and the annexe give space to 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a large kitchen.

Villa Caroma Kitchen dinning room - booking@salentodolcevita.com
Villa Caroma Kitchen dinning room – booking@salentodolcevita.com

The common areas point to the best community concepts, recalling the co-working spaces recovered in the former industrial areas of Berlin, while the more intimate areas have the shabby chic details remind us how little we need to feel go alone or in couple.

Then, take this “little” and add a swimming pool leading directly to the entrance, the century-old olive trees of Torre Guaceto Park (where the villa is immersed) and a few miles from the beautiful Salento sea.

Luxury and comfort can be “raw” and simple concepts, just like beauty.