Old private villas with swimming pool… in the heart of a city: is it possible?

Old private villas with swimming pool… in the heart of a city: is it possible?

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Great and precious villas in the heart of vibrant town in Salento

There are those who love the relaxed retreat of villas with garden and private pool and those who can not get away from the city life.

There are those who, when traveling, want to discover out as much as possible, see people, hear sounds, join events… and those who, at the end of the day, want to enjoy the private life of an almost secret and intimate world.

And then there are those who don’t want to give up anything of this.

Salento has, in its small towns, secret hidden treasures behind imposing portals: ancient dwellings with gardens and pools and special interiors giving the idea of being in a dreamlike, surreal and parallel dimension. Then these places open, beyond those almost magical portals, in the heart of the historic towns.

Let’s discover together some of these treasures suspended between vibrant urban cultural life and the contemplative charm of the retraite.

Three hearts and a palace

In the historic center of Salve, rich in precious sacred and civilian architecture of the 14th and 15th centuries, Palazzo tre cuori combines the desire to feel protected and “isolated” with the possibility of living in the center of the area that, good to know, is close to the most beautiful sea areas in Italy.

A pool in a garden protected by high walls, modern and bright interiors. Light and historical buildings are often a complex binomial, but not here, where opposites meet and embrace.

Art in and out of the walls.  

One of the most picturesque villages of the province of Lecce, Muro Leccese (not far from the beaches of Otranto), offers the opportunity to live in Palazzo Ferras, a 16th century palace.

We had already talked about it when we reported the beneficial effects of art on our psyche, as the interior of this palace is a mix of ancient objects that become design, airy furnishings and contemporary art.

Outside, a long pool and paths through orchards makes you forget to be in the heart of a historic center.

Home, garden, museum.  

An ancient residence in the heart of the historic center of Gagliano del Capo, a small village 4 km from Santa Maria di Leuca, Palazzo Altieri is an intellectual place, with a very chic charm.

Its books and contemporary art elements made by the most renowned artists of the national and international scene have the same therapeutic value of its garden with orchard and porch.

A swim in the modern art

Just a few meters from the main square of an ancient and characteristic Messapic center rich in history and culture, and just 10 minutes drive from Otranto, Casa Artes is a precious property dating back to the 1500’s.

Painted with works of art, Casa Artes has retained the original structure that develops around a small cloister; The long pool seems to lead directly to one of the areas illuminated by large windows.

What would you choose?