Capo di Leuca: 3 ways to live the local magic.

Capo di Leuca: 3 ways to live the local magic.

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What we call “Capo di Leuca” is the small sub region located at the very end of the “heel of the boot”, as we consider Italy as a boot shaped territory.
It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy; from the peculiarity of its sea, which reaches the climax where Ionian and Adriatic meet, to the magic of its historical centers, passing through its most strongly Mediterranean nature.

The famous Santa Maria di Leuca, a sought-after seaside resort, is a fraction of Castrignano del Capo, a very interesting town from an urbanistic and landscape point of view. Moreover, a constellation of beautiful and lively historical villages must be added to the local must visit places, namely Poggiardo, Specchia, Acquarica del Capo, Alessano, Corsano, Gagliano del Capo, Miggiano, Morciano di Leuca, Montesano, Nociglia, Patù, Presicce, Ruffano, Salve, Taurisano, Tiggiano, Tricase and Ugento.

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Today we suggest 3 interesting aspects to live in Capo di Leuca, in 3 different types of prestigious dwellings.

An overview of the amazing sea 

villa calipso furnished terrace sea view front (16)

Villa Calipso – Santa Maria di Leuca –

Let’s start from here, from where everyone would like to leave and where everyone wants to get: let’s start from the sea.

Villa Calipso offers a terrace that gives a wide view of the beautiful blue sea of the Port of Santa Maria di Leuca, preceded by the green of garden terraces.
A strategic position from which you will feel wind and sea breeze and the sun directed on the passage that leads to the house filled with light, quiet but lively  flatmate.

Villa Calipso - santa maria di leuca
Villa Calipso –

The beautiful coastline is kept in sight from every corner of this house positioned as a fortress, from which it is however possible to easily reach both the most beautiful beaches and the nearby historical center and commercial area.

A private and “secret” garden in the heart of the historic center


palazzo tre cuori piscina e giardino santa maria di leuca salve


In addition to the sea, which establishes its most particular appearance, the historical centers of the area called “il Capo di Leuca” have a very special magic.

Palazzo Tre Cuori, a palace in the historic center of Salve, makes you participate in this magic. A secret garden with swimming pool and cool green corners, adjacent to the typical vitality of the historic centers of Salento and a few kilometers from the most “envied” sea of Europe, like that of the famous Maldives of Salento.

Immersed in the nature of Salento

Another territorial characteristic offered by Capo di Leuca is the florid richness of the Salento nature;

from Villa Mias, close to the sea, you can breathe the Mediterranean scrub, the sugary aroma of figs and prickly pears, when they give their fruits and the cicadas tell the slow and rhythmic pace of this corner of paradise.

All this, in the shade of the olive trees, another supporting element of the landscape and of the whole territorial imagination.

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Although these three dwellings, privileged accommodation for your holiday in Salento, reflect three different aspects of the territory, all of them offer the opportunity to experience the territory and know it at 360 degrees, because of the easy connections, their proximity to the sea, historical centers, countryside and nature.

Which one would you choose?

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