The nature of Salento around 4 villas

The nature of Salento around 4 villas

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Sea and countryside, salty breeze and oxygen, shade and benefits of the sun: pairs that are good for health and spirit.

Among the reasons why Salento, Puglia, and in particular some of its areas, are particularly popular all over the world, there is the possibility of combining all the benefits of the sea and the countryside of an area that loves to stay connected to the land and nature.

Let’s find out more about the nature of Salento and the beauty of the Mediterranean scrub through the exterior of 4 villas, located in 4 different areas of the territory, surrounded by the lush and particular vegetation of these latitudes.

Immense olive groves
Villa Morice  & Villa Mias 

Perhaps one of the most famous and distinctive features of the Salento vegetation is linked to its marvelous olive groves.
they are part of the local culture as well as its geography.
Villa Morice is a very particular house, whose exteriors alternate, thanks to dozens of olive trees, areas of shade to areas of light; the alternation of intensity of light is a concept that is also reflected in the interior, really very special both in architecture and furnishings.

Another villa alternates a perceptive level of shade made by the olive trees  and the olfactory sensations of the spices grown at their feet. This is Villa Mias, in Santa Maria di Leuca.
His total-white interiors play a relay of light and color with warm exterior tones, which in summer give the flavors of the flowers of sugar, another important component of the local arboreal nature.

Immersed in the scent of fruit trees
Villa Masseria La Margherita

Places such as Villa Masseria la Margherita near Otranto, summarize all the elements that make a stay in Salento particularly beneficial.

From the proximity to the sea to the simple life of old farms; all reworked in a modern way, with interiors that combine historical elements with very original and modern interior decor styles.

The intense green and the perfumes of the 20,000 mq orchards, alternated with sage and aloe, make the wellbeing an osmotic and passive game.

Pine forest with sea view
Villa Conchiglia

It would be uncorrect to talk about well-being linked to the green of Salento without talking about the vast expanses of fragrant pinewood that adorn the territory.
The pinewoods of Salento are not only generators of shade and intense fragrances, but also a visual border between towns and the sea, protection of private properties and the rest of the world and an instrument of sound isolation between green areas or beaches and roads.

Villa Conchiglia is a beautiful villa equipped with all comforts, recently renovated and with direct access to the sea. It is characterized by a setting and furnishing of great charm, positioned on a multi-level land, variously terraced with the presence of different relaxation corners shaded by pines overlooking the sea and animated by prickly pear from the strangest forms.

For your next holidays, choose the best refuge in nature. You will benefit from it all year long.