7 remedies for “public relations hangovers”

7 remedies for “public relations hangovers”

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Public relations for work, love and friendship, group travels, events, exhibitions, fairs: the life of an active world citizen is also and above all made up by relationships and interactions.

That’s something great, human exchange is the basis of personal growth, it helps in creative regeneration and there are periods during which we really fill up with human interactions because we need it… but sometimes we go a bit too far into social life and we can feel a bit tired and fatigued.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even to the most sociable and sunny people: public relations imply commitment, concentration and the challenge to be always at our best, so it’s no surprise if we need some rest, sometimes.

Now we will tell you some ways to recover from a public relations “hangover” both in a short time and for a longer period, both with hobbies and meditation practices and even planning your next holidays.

1 – Once a month without the internet

ph by Toa Heftiba - unsplash
ph by Toa Heftiba – unsplash


It is not just the vis-à-vis relationships that are challenging; sometimes we consume a lot of energy also in receiving and decoding the continuous messages that come to us from the web, whether it’s work emails or comments on social networks; even these continuous stimuli are more tiring than you think.

Living one day a month without using the internet can be more useful than you can imagine.

And what do you do in those 24 hours? Keep reading to get some ideas to help you detox.

2 – Spend some hours without electronic devices 

disintossicarsi dalle relazioni - rimedi
Casa Alea – booking@salentodolcevita.com

But before telling you what you can do in the 24 hours without the internet, allow us to suggest you even a few hours a month without technology.

Without blender, oven, satellite TV, radio. Even those are sounds, vibrations, input coming from exterior voices (as in the case of tv and radio) and they contribute in our lost of concentration on our true personal needs.

3 – Have walks in the open air 

giardini salento salentodolcevita

Let’s combine points 2 and 3 suggesting you long walks in the green leaving the phone at home.
No, it’s not imprudent! Humanity has survived until now leaving home without a telephone and, if you make a little mnemonic effort, you will remember when you only needed some coin in your wallet to feel safe.

Try walking in nature without music, without ipod or phone. You will only have to listen to yourself and your thoughts.

To get used to it you can …

4 – Join yoga and meditation classes

 centri yoga nel salento

Learning to focus on your breathing, listening to you body and learning to “feel” all your organs is very important for psychophysical health.

Yoga and meditation can be a great way to get rid of the stress caused by an excess of public relations and many other things.

5 – A period in places far from everything

If you can plan a holiday period, consider the opportunity of a bit of “wise isolation” when choosing your accommodation:

For example, choosing a house immersed in a lush and welcoming nature, in the countryside or near the sea, with spaces to do yoga or some healthy movement, such as swimming in a private pool or taking long walks in the rich garden of smells of the current season.

Masseria Mezzaluna, Maruggio, Salento - booking@salentodolcevita.com
Masseria Mezzaluna, Maruggio, Salento – booking@salentodolcevita.com


Piscina masseria Falchi
Piscina masseria Falchi – booking@salentodolcevita.com


6 – Look for a place where the body and all the senses are satisfied

A luxuriant garden, a swimming pool or the presence of the sea, spacious and welcoming spaces are features that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also satisfy all our senses, even those that we often neglect struggling with the stress of everyday life.

7 – Practice “solo” hobbies


Viaggia in Danimarca e impara lo stile Hygge
Viaggia in Danimarca e impara lo stile Hygge


Give yourself the awareness that “you can be good also by yourself”: have fun, let the time pass quickly, get new ideas, get better.

Through new hobbies, loneliness could even become a fixed commitment, a healthy daily shelter.

The best hobbies to do that are: gardening, reading a good book, cooking, better if following your grandma’s recipes, hand written on a old fashioned notebook.