All the beneficial effects of minimalism in interiors

All the beneficial effects of minimalism in interiors

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We are in the age of induced needs, the era of low cost with high social costs, in which we surround ourselves with many things sometimes to sedate a sense of incompleteness coming from many other inner dynamics; in this time, minimalism, the ability to feel satisfied and safe even if surrounded by a few objects, becomes a luxury.

Perhaps this is why the minimalism of interior design and housing philosophies is reviving a moment of rebirth: for the need to re-teach all of us how precious it is to feel good in spaces not crowded with objects, to leave room for us and our movements, order and new ideas.

Even science has sanctioned a minimalist approach to life has beneficial effect on our health. 

By reporting everything on the interior living style, let’s see together what are the beneficial effects of a minimalist home, even when limited to a few weeks a year in which your shelter is a place free from unnecessary trappings and where space is dedicated only to people, to ideas and relationships.

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Physical and mental order and cleanliness

Villetta Fraula spongano castro salento
Villetta Fraula – Salento

Every man or woman who is used to managing a house knows something about it: less objects mean less dust, less “things” to be dealt with in daily management.
Too many object are not just a matter of dust; They are also minutes of attention, thoughtfulness that, over the course of a day, become an infinity of time denied to ourselves, to people or to objects that have a real and greater value for us.

The importance of “lettig it go”

Let’s get deep into a more philosophical field: understanding when an object’s time is over puts us in a complex but healthy dimension: the ability to understand that things are made to come and go, and knowing how to leave things (and people, and parts of our lives) behind is healthy, more than normal.

Give room to your growth potential

According to Eastern philosophies, emptiness/void is the fifth element, and it is the most important one. Because everything is potentially possible in the void, where there is room for maturation and growth.
The empty spaces around us are not of minor importance compared to full ones; they are those in which it is still possible to add, change and imagine.

Villa Conchiglia –

Every empty space makes us more creative.

Besides the well-known fact that order and clean spaces help keeping our mind in a state of serenity and “cleanness”, they also make it more creative.

For the same dynamics of the “white sheet” or “white canvas” that puts artists in the condition of creating as a result of an inner effort and concentration on the “self”, even minimalism helps to live in a constant creative dimension, where the person is central and the personality is less crushed by the objects and messages they carry.