Recipe for the best vacation of your life

Recipe for the best vacation of your life

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The moment to organize your next summer holidays has definitely come, the wait is shortened and dreams become, gradually, more and more real.

The expectations rise with the enthusiasm for the deserved relax and rest from work and from the daily routine.

How can we be sure that the vacation we have been planning for months will be truly unforgettable, regardless of destination?

Here are some tips for you, from SalentoDolceVita, a true expert when it comes to great holidays.

The right company

hot to organize a perfect family trip with kids and teens
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If it is true that the journey is not the destination but the route, it is also true that the best route is the one made with the best companions.

It’s not only important to choose travel companions who like living the holidays in your same way, and with the same expectations, but it’s crucial to plan a vacation suitable for all the people in the group, whether they are only two or a group of 10 friends or a family of four people.

It is indeed important to take into account everyone’s wishes and plan an itinerary that can give everyone a little bit of what they want.

Additional advice for those planning holidays with friends: choose people who have a positive attitude and nature and who are leaving … to relax and enjoy.

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We often choose the period of our holidays basing on work necessities… but sometimes it’s a mistake.
Before and after each trip, it takes a couple of days to regain ordinary space and time.

Time is not just a matter of “period” but also of “pace”: The slower you take it, the better it is.

It is important to adapt the time of a holiday to the choice of means and places: making a week-long vacation in a destination that involves more than 5 hours flights is not very good for our circadian rhythms or sleep balances, ie. it’s detrimental for our stress levels.

It is therefore good to adapt routes and means to the available time: you can enjoy a week or ten days of pure beauty even a few hundred kilometers from home or in a destination that is not necessarily on another continent.


Do you want to take a trip on the road? Good idea! But make sure you have the right time available, not to get tired even mentally (because physically getting tired is normal in a trip of this kind, and after all it’s okay).

Unless we want to take a trip by car, seriously consider the idea of traveling by public transport, from the plane -and then traveling by bus or rental car on arrival – or by train. In fact, not driving is the first step to relax.

The wait for the destination, while on a public mean of transport, can get along with a book that has been on the bedside table for a while or for talking or daydreaming.
Certainly not for work! Leave the e-mails and business communications out of your way!


Villa Morice, pool –

The place we will feel as a refuge during our holiday is very important, perhaps the only thing as important as the destination. This place must reflect our needs and our desires.

If we need to discover a new place but also to regenerate body and spirit in a bit of silence, there are farms very similar to – and even more beneficial than – real spas.

A villa with a garden is particularly suitable for those who want to restore the lost sleep rhythms, while a house with private pool can be suitable for active and sporty spirits but also lovers of luxury.

Then there are those who need only a small space from which to contemplate the sea, in the heart of a lively historical center.

So, choose the place that best suits your mood!

Toxic habits to avoid!

By now we are all connected 24 hours a day, so we will not be asking you to eliminate this privilege of our century. But it’s important to try to avoid some bad common habit connected to… continuous connection.

First of all, try to check emails as less as possible.

Do not look at the phone or tablet before going to sleep otherwise your efforts to recover a good sleep balance will be vain; rather than this, before going to bed take a walk in the garden or by the sea or take a light swim in the pool.

Eat slowly, as you are no longer used to doing during the daily life in the working periods.

Take your time to “get bored” by doing absolutely nothing. You can’t imagine how much this will be useful in the months following your perfect holiday