5 Rooftop bars and panoramic terraces in Puglia

5 Rooftop bars and panoramic terraces in Puglia

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Every country has its own kind of rooftops: if in the great metropolises of the world the roof restaurants give the view of the symmetrical skyline of skyscrapers that refract the sunlight from crystal glasses, if in Paris the lumières de la ville are the masters, here in Puglia we have our terraces (local version of the roofs) that overlook streets, sea and other terraces as if it were an uneven plain which often leads the eyes to the sea.

If you look carefully at the view from the top of a roof (or terrace) you’ll learn a lot about the life of a territory: there are hardly pitched roof in Puglia, because it snows little and rarely.

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The terraces have to stop sun’s rays in order not to make the home be heated during summer, so they are mostly white and often in stone, like most of the buildings.

You’ll also see a lot of pergolas, to increase the shade … and to be use the space in a lazy and enjoyable way. We like to live like that.

Today we are featuring some of our “roofs”, restaurants or pubs located on the typical and often ancient historical terraces.

Terrazza delle Nazioni, Bari

rooftop Bari SalentoDolceVita

Sophisticated and elegant, the terrace on the top floor of the Hotel delle Nazioni, on the waterfront of Bari, offers delicious dishes as well as a beautiful view of the center of Bari, the port and the seafront Nazario Sauro.

This roof terrace, also because of its swimming pool, is an ideal destination for events, ceremonies and gala, but also for intimate dinners where enrich refined gastronomy with the beauty of the city, seen from one of its best angles.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro, 7/9

Locanda Il Carrubo – Mattinata, Foggia

 rooftop locanda del carrubo mattinata foggia

We had already mentioned Mattinata in the post about Apulian excellences, where Mattinata was specifically mentioned by Skyscanner as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In this place recognized for its incredible beauty we find the Terrazza Il Carrubo, with the retr and modern interiors and exteriors so bright to reconcile you with the world.

Varied cuisine, from sea to land to vegetarian dishes.

SP53 Km.4 Loc. Montelci

Controcorrente, Ostuni

Vista del controcorrente rooftop di ostuni 

In Ostuni, the so called white city, it is not difficult to come across unforgettable scenarios: every corner of the old town leads to wonderful views worthy of a thousand photographs.

One of the most privileged views, no doubt, are those you can see by the Controcorrente Bar, ideal for aperitifs, cocktails, drinks and light meals.

C.so Vittorio Emanuele 37

Enjoy your private terrace in Salento

Casa Galata, Santa Maria di Leuca
Casa Galata, Santa Maria di Leuca

 Le Quattro Spezierie, Lecce

 uno dei più bei rooftop del salento le quattro spezierie

The Risorgimento Resort, in the heart of Lecce, hosts a wide and lightful terrace, overlooking the bright golden white of local historic centre. The old baroque city will be at your feet for a night and in your heart forever.
Via Imperatore Adriano.

Bar del Moro, Patù (Lecce)

tra i più bei rooftop e restaurant terrace del Salento bar del moro patu

The Terrace of Bar del Moro is, in Salento, a popular destination for those who love fish and traditional cuisine … with sea view.

The restaurant is located in San Gregorio, a small area of Patù, in the vicinity of a very high cliff overlooking the sea.

Via del Mare, 2

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