5 charming accommodations to taste authentic flavors all over Europe.

5 charming accommodations to taste authentic flavors all over Europe.

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This post is dedicated to all those who love to “taste” their destination, experiencing the most authentic tastes of every new visited place.

From the Provençal delicacies to the flavors of the Puglia virgin olive oil, from Emilia’s best food to the passion for wine and for the great Portuguese fish, let’s take a stroll through some of the charming accommodations that allow you to meet the best of the local cuisine.

Luxury B&B and… balsamic vinegar

Interni Casa Borgo Balsamico
Interni Casa Borgo Balsamico

A place called Valle del Cibo, (Valley of Food) is already a guarantee for those who love the most authentic local delicacies.

This site is located in the Emilia region, Italy, and is known worldwide for its concentration of d.o.p. products.

Here is Borgo del Balsamico, a luxury B & B recovered from a 18th-century residence in the green Emilia-Romagna. Here you can watch and combine slow productions of seasoned cheeses and salami and of course the balsamic vinegar among the finest in the world, whose perfume fills the whole atmosphere of your stay.

All the comforts are there… but TV (though, perhaps, this absence is the best comfort).

The flavors and the countryside of Salento

Masseria Farnara, dettaglio
Masseria Farnara, dettaglio

In Apulia and in particular in Salento, local cuisine and local nature have a strong and symbiotic connection.
You can choose to experience your Salento experience in a villa next to the sea or in a masseria among the ancient olive trees and combine in these wonderful and immersive environments an experience of oil and wine tasting or a cooking class directly in your special home.

Ask more at booking@salentodolcevita.com after choosing your favorite masseria farm, such as Masseria Farnara, built according to Salento tradition, but equipped with all the comforts of modern construction. This farmhouse with pool is immersed in an estate of five hectares of secular olive trees. The interior style is characterized by the choice of craft furnishings made of wood and recycled materials, respecting the original architectural features and the culture of the place. The Masseria therefore has a simple, very typical, but at the same time welcoming atmosphere.

Masseria Farnara (booking@salentodolcevita.com)
Masseria Farnara (booking@salentodolcevita.com)

For a mix of modernity inspired by the tradition, also immersed in an olive grove and orchard with the most succulent seasonality, there is Villa Il Grillo, perfect for those who love to spend time in the kitchen and want to live a destination also learning to cook with local tools and ingredients.

see this and more www.salentodolcevita.com 

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Provence and flavors of the South

campo di lavanda provenza

Let’s change country and go to one of the most tasty and rich regions of Europe, the beautiful Provence.

Not far from Avignon, the medieval castle Chateau La Roque in the Vaucluse area welcomes and offers its comfort with views of the wonderful valley.

The stay at this location will let you know in detail the stories of centuries gone by in this manor but also live beautiful contemplative walks between the elms to witness the beautiful sunsets in the Rhone Valley.


Here the most authentic flavors of Provence, a land made of aromas that surrounds you everywhere, will be served to you for breakfast and dinner, with dishes and sweets whose raw materials come from local farm markets and you will be suggested the best itineraries for savor the best of Provencal cuisine.

The best Porto in your stay in Oporto

Infante de Sangres, interior hotel, Porto
Infante de Sangres, interior hotel, Porto

For a full immersion in Portuguese wine, Porto is a must-see point.
A perfect base for your stay is Infante De Sagres, a hotel in the heart of the city, UNESCO heritage.

Properties from the neo-classic charm rich in antique elements, Persian carpets and crystal candlesticks and a beautiful patio, an ideal place to test Portuguese cuisine.

The local winery contains the best port selections and it is possible to take guided tasting experiences.

Top fresh seafood in Olhao 

Olhao, Algarve
Olhao, Algarve

But if we’ve heard about Porto, maybe very few people know Olhao, a fishing town in the east of the Algarve. Close to Faro International Airport, this resort is picturesque and packed with markets (especially fish ones) so to remind us a Middle Eastern mdina.

The surrounding the area is characterized by a relaxing and impressive nature.

Ideal place to enjoy all this authentic food and nature, casa Convento is a white lime jewel, whose terraces overlook the sea and the red roofs of the town.

The property is family-run and the feeling of being at home is what happens to every traveler who can learn from here the best preparations of local food and go comfortably to the city, its markets and its naturalistic trails.

 What would you choose as your next destination? Do you already know some of these places?