Experience the sea in Taranto: the beautiful gulf coast south of the city

Experience the sea in Taranto: the beautiful gulf coast south of the city

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Experiencing the sea in Taranto, along the southern coast of the city and the extreme north of Salento: 4 places to see and love.

Taranto is a city that is experiencing a new small renaissance, enhancing its history and increasing the cultural offer especially in the months of its long summer.

Overlooking the Ionian Sea and the gulf that takes its name from the city, the Gulf of Taranto, Taranto has one of the most crystalline seas a city by the sea can boast of overlooking.

Its neighboring marinas are also much loved in Puglia, and are a sometimes unexpected surprise by travelers who choose the Salento sea, believing that this sub-territory is limited only to the southernmost strip of the Apulian tip.

The Ionian side of Puglia and Salento, passing the coast of Porto Cesareo to the north, enters the wonderful coast of the province of Taranto.

Today we take you to the most beautiful natural sceneries of the sea south of Taranto, in the northern tip of Salento.

Torre Colimena

fenicotteri nelle saline

A fraction of Manduria, a town known for its excellent wine, Torre Colimena is still one of those places that, even in the key months of summer tourism, offers uncrowded beaches.

Partly because of its wild soul, which makes it particularly loved by camper travelelrs and people looking for spaces that are still pure, partly because it is largely a protected area due to the delicate coastal flora, the sea of Torre Colimena is as beautiful as its beach, which alternates with areas of rock.

On the beach called Salina dei Monaci (because there is, in fact, a salt pan used for the first time by monks in the 15th century), pink flamingos can be admired in silence and with respect.

Going north, we also find the beaches and wonderful panoramas of

San Pietro in Bevagna

Wikimedia Commons – florixc –  Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Also in the province of Manduria, San Pietro in Bevagna is another location suitable for your itinerary among the dream beaches in the Taranto Salento.

Huge beaches and crystal clear sea, those who love the natural Kneipp effect can choose the stretches of beautiful free beach near the fresh mouth of the Chidro river.
The small church a short distance from the beach, Chiesa Rupestre or Cripta del Detentore, is of particular historical interest, being of the Neo-Gothic period and architecture, and structurally incorporated in a medieval tower



Defined by many as the most beautiful coast of Salento, Campomarino was included a few years ago in the ranking of the 20 most beautiful beaches in Italy.
Here too, between an ancient and small port and one of the many watchtowers scattered like an identity brand along the entire Salento coast, it is possible to enjoy the sea, breathing in the smells and admiring the changing colors of the Mediterranean maquis.

Campomarino is a part of Maruggio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, linked to the history of the Knights of Malta. Find out more about this place that is well worth a visit.


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Marina di Pulsano

The coast of the area of Pulsano is characterized by a lively alternation of beaches with fine sand, coves and small cliffs; strategic also for its proximity to the city of Taranto, the choice of this stretch of coast is excellent for those who want to combine the beauty of the most crystalline sea of Salento with a visit to the city.

Villa Turchese, on the sea of Marina di Pulsano 

villa in affitto gallipoli accesso diretto al mare Villa Turchese
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villa turchese accesso mare
villa turchese accesso mare
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Have you ever enjoyed the beaches of the province of Taranto? We are waiting for you to let you know them better.